2021 China Health Supplements Market: Brand New Data Packs!

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Last year TMO debuted our first Data Pack series, focusing on the China Health Supplements market. It’s been a great success, covering key data like China’s best-selling supplements each month! (In case you missed it, here’s our wrap-up of the China Health Supplements market in 2020) Building on that success, we’re continuing to launch new Data Packs for this market every month, and this blog acts as a one-stop hub for each new release. Check back here each month for the latest update. And in the meantime, check out some of the highlights of those we’ve released already below!


china health supplements market february data pack cover

The month of Chinese New Year is typically the off-season for the China Health Supplements market. Consumers are spending more on travel (though less so following the pandemic) and less on stocking up on such products. Therefore, in line with previous years, we saw sales gently decrease from January.

china health supplements market categories february

We also saw the effects of false advertisement regulations being enforced in the China Health Supplements market. Late 2020’s rising star, NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) products, felt the brunt of this, particularly higher-priced examples. Companies were marketing such products as anti-aging, which is fine by itself. Problems arose when some of them made claims that were ultimately considered false advertising.

The month’s biggest market share losses came from Dietary Fiber/Carbohydrates (which shrunk back to below December’s levels after a surge in January), Other Dietary supplements, and Other Seafood extracts.

In more positive news, we can see the start of a rise in body-shaping and slimming product sales. This is likely in anticipation of summer, when consumers want to look their best! In fact, February saw a big surge in the market share of Beauty Supplements in general. The category went from under 10% in January to almost 23% in February. This came alongside the share of Probiotics almost doubling, too.

Below are China’s best-selling supplements for February. Some NMN/NAD+ anti-aging products remain strong sellers, but Japanese enzyme products have surged to take three top spots too!

china health supplements market Top 5 Best-sellers february

Key takeaways from February:

  • Beauty supplements overtook vitamins to claim the largest market share in February, accounting for 22.89% of the Health Supplements market, followed by vitamins (16.42%) and other plant extracts (15.66%).
  • Although the best-seller is a Canadian NMN product, this Health Supplements category is no longer as popular as in previous months. This is partially due to the crackdown on false advertisements for NMN, using phrases like “Eternal Youth”.
  • Instead, Japanese enzymes became popular again, used for slimming and body-shaping. As with Christmas in the West, most people enjoyed grand feasts over the Chinese New Year. So people often start to look for different ways to lose weight around this time of year!
  • Australian and US brands continue to dominate the overseas Health Supplement market in China. Nevertheless, because of the popularity of the enzymes category, Japanese brand ISDG took second place in terms of sales volume in February.

china health supplements market brands february

For a more detailed breakdown, go download our free China Health Supplements Market Data Pack for February!


January typically kicks off the year quietly in Health Supplements sales. This follows the dizzying highs of November’s Double-Eleven sales and the lesser but increasingly important Double-Twelve sales in December. In that respect, this year is no different. Nonetheless, January 2021 surpassed January 2020’s figures by a significant margin, breaking 1 billion RMB in sales revenue – a new high for the first month of a year.

china health supplements market categories january

January saw small market share losses in most of the top categories, as sales of Mushroom/microbial fermentation and Other Dietary supplements grew significantly. The former seems to be part of an ongoing trend of growth in that category, while the latter may be a seasonal or temporary surge.

Below are China’s best-selling supplements for January. It was another strong month for NMN/NAD+ anti-aging products, but one product from the Probiotic category managed to top them all!

china health supplements market Top 5 Best-sellers january

Key takeaways from January:

  • Vitamins/Minerals kept hold of the top spot in market share. This is despite a trend of gradually shrinking which might see Other Plant extracts match its share soon.
  • The month’s best-selling product is something of an anomaly! Lacto-Fit’s Probiotic product was such a huge success that it beat all the popular NMN products to the top spot. This is most likely thanks to a steep discount in January to around half the listed price, at a time when other brands have ended their sales.
  • This also had an effect on the month’s top brands. Lacto-Fit came in third despite offering far fewer SKUs than its competitors.

market brands january

For a more detailed breakdown, go download our free China Health Supplements Market Data Pack for January!

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