In recent years, with the growing popularity of the June 18th (6-18) shopping festival in China, many products reach their peak annual sales at that time. However, sales are no longer limited to June 18th. Actually, instead of June 18th, June 1st is now the biggest day for sales, for this is the deadline to conduct final payment in order to get the biggest discount.

The COVID-19 pandemic of early 2020 resulted in a surge in interest in the health products market in China. Strengthening your immune system became a highly sought-after quality in health and food supplements. As the sales proportion of minerals and vitamins are almost the same as last year, we could say they still have strong competition compared to other categories of products.

Compared with last year’s promotion, we noticed that in general, purchasing power is gradually recovering now. Compared with last year’s 6-18, both sales volume and sales revenue are a little higher this year. Similarly, the individual purchasing power is more powerful than last year. Sales volumes of products with a price range of 200 to 300 yuan have grown rapidly, reaching corresponding volumes of those products in the 100 to 200 yuan range.

We also saw that melatonin is extremely popular compared to last year. In the category of protein powder/amino acid/collagen, melatonin took the place of albumen powder and collagen. Of the top5 best-selling products, melatonin occupied 3 places. We could draw the conclusion that the question of sleeping problems, and how to combat them, is becoming more prevalent amongst the public in China.

There is one more general phenomenon we noticed. Compared to last year’s promotion, the most-searched-for keywords are ‘stay up late’, ‘liver protection’ and ‘regulate the stomach’. Correspondingly, the sales volume of liver protection products and probiotics has seen booming growth. It seems that office workers are paying more attention to their health amidst the pressure they face in the workplace. 

Who are these data packs intended for?

These data packs are designed to assist researchers, data analysts, product development professionals, business decision makers, and anyone involved in strategic planning at overseas health supplements companies, or entities and individuals interested in this area. By keeping up with each month’s shifts in sales and consumer behavior, such experts can get a more firm grip on the trends and shifting attitudes in China’s growing and increasingly competitive health supplements market.

This data pack includes:

  • Case studies on each of the top five brands during June and the associated 6-18 sales period
  • Analysis of the month’s trends and biggest winners
  • The month’s best-selling products
  • Sub-category market share
  • Market share by price range
  • Top search keywords
  • Most popular brands
  • Best-selling product characteristics
  • Best-selling products in each sub-category

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