2024 China Health Supplements Market: Monthly Updates (+ FREE Dataset Downloads)

TMO GroupFebruary 27, 2024
2024 China Health Supplements Market: Monthly Updates (+ FREE Dataset Downloads)

TMO's China Health Supplements Market Data Pack Series is released in the form of a free monthly downloadable as part of our comprehensive long-term data monitoring and collection services, and contain research data on SKUs, sales volumes, and revenue for major product groups sold on Alibaba’s family of eCommerce platforms (including Taobao, Tmall, Tmall Global, and Tmall Supermarket), with this blog post acting as a one-stop hub that summarizes highlights from each release.

February 2024

February is the first month after the new year, but the market for overseas health supplements has not yet shown a clear rebound. The total sales revenue of overseas health supplements on Alibaba’s platforms in February 2024 reached approximately 801 million, which showcased a slight decrease compared to the previous month. In this period, Swisse from Australia, GNC from the United States, and Blackmores from Australia continued to occupy the top three positions in the monthly sales rankings of overseas brands.

Highlights from February 2024:

  • Subcategories: Overseas heart supplements products account for a market share of 18.30% in February 2024, showing a significant increase from the previous month. Overseas comprehensive nutrient supplements and beauty and nutrition supplements products tied for second place, each with a market share of 13.37%.
  • Brands: The market share of overseas health supplements on e-commerce platforms is mainly dominated by Swisse. GNC and Blackmores performed as well as that of last month, securing second and third place respectively. Spain’s Mesoestetic and Puritan’s Pride from the USA entered the top 10 list of brand sales in February, showing impressive performance.
  • Products: Sales revenue of multivitamins/minerals products are booming. In the sales ranking for February, two GNC multivitamins/minerals health products entered the top five in terms of product sales, with one of them being the sales champion of the month. It is worth noting that during the Chinese New Year period in February, a beauty-related dietary supplement from Mesoestetic jumped to second place in sales through live e-commerce, indicating that consumers are increasingly favoring “pleasing oneself” in terms of health.


January 2024

Being the first month after the “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve” promotions, the monthly sales performance of overseas health supplements on Alibaba’s platform in January 2024 experienced a slight decline, amounting to a total revenue of approximately 1.015 billion.
While there has been no immediate sales rebound at the start of the new year, there has been an increase in the number of brands, stores, and products. Data indicates an 8.92% month-on-month increase in the number of brands on e-commerce platforms, along with an 8.75% month-on-month increase in the number of stores. This may suggest a continued rise in demand for online health consumption.

Highlights from January 2024:

  • Subcategories: Overseas heart health supplements led the overseas health supplement market with a market share of 16.56%. Before the Spring Festival, the popularity of overseas beauty and nutrition supplements increased, ranking second with a market share of 12.38%, surpassing the comprehensive nutrient supplements that ranked second in December last year.
  • Brands: Swisse became the champion of monthly sales, with sales exceeding the second-place GNC by twofold, and Blackmores ranked third. Australia’s Life Space had an excellent sales performance in January 2024, jumping from tenth place in December last year to fifth place this year.
  • Products: Milk thistle products were the best-selling items, with Swisse’s high-concentration milk thistle liver protection tablets winning the championship in the sales rank. Apart from this product, Swisse’s other liver protection product is also among the top-selling products.

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