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Our Vision.

Helping clients grow their business and make a big impact through scalable digital products and e-commerce channels.

Who We Are

TMO Group is an international digital commerce agency provider with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chengdu.

We specialize in providing cutting-edge technology solutions in cross-border e-commerce, B2B digital transformation, data intelligence, and cloud value-added services for medium to large enterprises.

Commerce - Data - AI: We strongly advocate for data-driven approaches and work closely with our clients to provide planning for data systems, from market insights to user behavior data process design, capture, analysis, and operational optimization, to strategize for your future digital transformation.

Our Team

We take pride in the successful launch and commercial value achieved for every concept, design, application, and cloud service we deliver for our clients. Our diverse team of professionals, hailing from various regions in the world, ensures you receive the finest international services.
Company DNA
Our team is composed of digital consultants, engineers, developers, designers, and marketing experts, each with diverse professional backgrounds. The technical team has a strong interest and sensitivity to digital business, while our consulting team is equally passionate about technology and strives to understand the inner workings of the digital world.
By bringing together these talents' unique perspectives and deep industry insights, we expand our technological and digital capabilities, accelerating our ability to use digital solutions to help clients achieve measurable business value.

Meet our Partners

Dominiek Pouwer
Partner/E-commerce Strategy and Digitalization Expert
With over 15 years of experience in the Chinese digital ecosystem, encompassing data, CRM, digital marketing, and both B2B and B2C e-commerce, he has spent the last decade at TMO Group. During this time, he has been actively engaged in consultancy, business development and project management.
Jing Zhou
Partner/E-commerce Strategy and Digitalization Expert
She has over 10 years of professional experience in international marketing, B2B, and B2C e-commerce. She excels in conducting e-commerce planning and strategic consulting for companies, and possesses rich cross-functional and cross-cultural work experience.

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