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Build a more unified user experience and leverage the latest shopping innovations for your WeChat Store.

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WeChat Development

WeChat Mini-programs

Various eCommerce Models
Our WeChat solutions can support multiple Storefronts for B2C, B2b and B2B–providing different Marketing mechanisms like Subscription Buying, Content-focused, Pop-up Store or Campaign, User Community Activation, User-Generated Content and Vouchers and Gift Cards.
Mini-programs and Storefront Setup
We can develop either a WeChat H5 Web APP (Service Account) or provide WeChat Mini Program (Service & Media Account) as a storefront, which allows for a more fluent UX and additional hardware functions like: Camera & GPS functionalities, Official Account and Campaign integrations.
Promotions On Different Channels
A Wechat eCommerce approach lets you promote your application via Moments Ads, PPC Advertising & KOL Campaigns that increase traffic, user base and long-term sales. We’ll integrate your Call-to-Action with your Moments Ad, directly converting your client for a coupon download or eCommerce transaction.
Expandable to Omni-channel Approach
Together we will strategize an integrated plan to meet our clients needs on different stores/devices. Offering one back-end solution for multiple stores as WeChat Store.

WeChat Function Development

We will develop WeChat built-in functions that will bring a brand new shopping experience to your customers on WeChat.
WeChat Unified Login
Improve user retention and lower registration barriers with a Unified Login Function that allows users to quickly log into your eCommerce across channels and scan to log in on PC.
WeChat Authorization
Enrich your CRM’s attributes by implementing an authorization system where users can share profile information like name, picture, & number to quickly interact with your business.
WeChat Messaging Functions
Send your customers status updates for events like successful registration or payment, refund request submissions, deliveries, and more–directly on WeChat.
WeChat Pay
Allow users to easily complete purchases by using WeChat Pay on their mobile phone, with payment options including debit/credit, QR code, public account and cross-border payments.
WeChat Marketing Initiatives
Leverage a range of marketing functions for your business to satisfy WeChat features such as red envelopes, coupons, membership discounts, membership management, and more.

WeCom (WeChat for Work)

Integrate WeCom into your CRM today!
Integrate your website, mini-program, WeChat Official Account, WeChat messages, WeChat Pay, and other platforms to WeCom, and assign roles and personnel levels so your sales and customer service teams can provide customers with more professional and enterprise-level communication and service. Plus, non-privatized touchpoints are beneficial to the construction of your enterprise’s digital assets.

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