Compared to August, the sales revenue of September has declined to 1.16 billion RMB. This is likely due to the lack of big promotional days through the month. With the Chinese National Holiday ( Oct. 1- Oct. 7 ) and 11.11 annual shopping day in mid-November, we estimate that sales revenues will see an evident increase in October and November. 

Among the top 5 best selling products, 3 items are produced by Australian brand Swisse. It retains the spot of the top selling brand with a monthly sales revenue of 137 million RMB, which is 5 times higher than that of Blackmore, the second best seller.

Vitamin, liver protection and protein products have received significant attention from consumers. This consumption trend indicates that Chinese customers are becoming more aware about the importance of a balanced diet and good nutrition. Also, concerns over sleeping disorders and liver-related diseases have promoted sales growth in thistle and other liver protection products.

Vitamin D is key to the maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Products containing this ingredient saw the biggest growth in sales revenue in the month. This may generate from the belief in China that pregnant and middle-aged women should be particularly careful about bone and joint protection.

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  • Top search keywords
  • Most popular brands
  • Best-selling product characteristics
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