4 Trends That Will Impact How You Retail This Year

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Personalization is becoming extremely important! With more and more marketers consuming data sets to provide value with personalization, retailing without offering custom offers will now work in 2015. So, if you aim to provide excellent customer experience apart from retailing, use some good behavioral data and propensity models to make it right! Moreover in one recent survey very few retailers used website browning data to personalize emails. Personalization has huge opportunity so make sure you leverage the potential in full throttle.

Digital Technologies In Store

For online retailers, it’s always been easy to acquire data about their customers. You can track almost anything online – where your shoppers are located, what they searched or clicked through to get to your site, what other products they might be interested in, and sometimes even what stops them from completing a purchase.

For brick-and-mortar retailers, it’s not as easy to gather that kind of data. But now you see companies, like Apple, introducing technologies that might bridge the data gap. Along with a few other startups, they’ve introduced sensors that can be placed around physical stores that track and trigger different actions on smartphones when they are within a certain distance from each sensor. This kind of technology can help physical retailers to optimize their store layouts, pricing, and ad campaigns.

Brand and Content Marketing

A lot of emphasis has been given to content marketing and branding in last year. The trend seems to be dominating marketers this year as well. Content marketing has become mainstream media followed by other online marketing media vehicles. In one survey, it was clearly depicted that retailers that offers useful tips, purchase guide, etc. had better conversions compared to those who just use to sell through product images. Some fashion retailers also use fashion shoots.or lookbooks to show new launches.

Video Walkthrough

With highly visual photos, 3D walkthroughs detailed product options and socially sharable product specs, 2015 is painting a new shape of retailing! With more marketers believe videos as salesmen, more retailers have started using product videos on website. Videos which are shot in real environments enable the buyers to look at the products minutely before considering buying the same. If the trend continues to be lucrative, retailers might also prefer sending HTML5 video in emails.

Omni-Channel Shopping

Consumers are looking to move freely across channels. They are creating their own way of shopping and the evolution of these practices will only happen in unpredictable ways. Consumers today are more connected than they have ever been and they are taking full advantage of it. To customers, multichannel shopping is a time and money saver. They’re able to browse a store’s inventory, research a product that they’re interested in, and make a purchase all from the tips of their fingers. If it makes sense for your business model, you should consider if your retail store needs to develop a mobile app.

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