Feidekai (Fitline)

Custom “New Retail” B2B2C eCommerce platform using Adobe Commerce

B2BDevelopmentHostingStrategyUI/UX Design
Mandarin (Chinese)
B2BDevelopmentHostingStrategyUI/UX Design
Mandarin (Chinese)


FitLine is a new brand of dietary supplements and cosmetics, produced in Germany to enter the Chinese market. Feidekai is the main Franchisor for the China market of Fitline products. Its product lines feature such categories as skin care products, sports nutrition, and anti-aging products.


We were faced with the task of coming up with a business model that would be in keeping with existing operations and also comply with regulations of the China Market. Additionally, franchises should play a crucial role because of the high service requirements of the product.

We created a digital operational structure that would allow Feidekai to manage distribution, while incorporating dealers into a unified service system. We also wanted to provide advanced digital tools to help dealers grow their online and offline businesses, improve end customer experience and nurture success for both dealers and customers.

Service & Solution

TMO Group created a new custom-tailored digital solution for Feidekai. We reviewed the whole business approach and suggested changes to adapt it to China’s latest mobile and digital trends. We fully digitalized every step in the eCommerce fulfillment process. We built the Feidekai platform that would use the B2B2C model and leverage three main advantages: People, Product and Environment.

Resulting platform uses a hybrid model that combines both selling methods: selling directly to customers and working with distributors. Using the network of distributors allows more efficient last mile delivery. It also serves as a solid foundation for new business models, such as O2O.

Feidekai platform comprises several mobile applications and desktop apps with useful functions for end customer and distributors. Distributors can set up their own stores and manage them anytime, anywhere. Customers can use Wechat Mini Program & Desktop Application to check products available nearby, place an order with the nearest distributor and track the status of their order.

B2B2C dealer management platform

B2B2C platform is a tool for Feidekai to manage its franchisee network: It provides a tight control over the sales process, inventory and price strategy. The platform allows customers to pay directly to merchants, and supports different logistical solutions. It even includes an option for printing invoices using Bluetooth connection. Dealers can use B2B procurement features to restock their inventory, all that while maintaining the transparency and traceability of the platform's processes.

Dealers’ app

Dealers can set up new stores simply by going through authorization and setting up their managing team. The app provides a wealth of functions to manage the store: one-click import of the product catalog, sales, delivery and return workflows. Some complex functions, such as restocking, payment approval, and more, are simplified to just scanning QR codes. With just a few clicks merchants will be able to get a full view of their sales performance.

New retail multi-merchant marketplace

The marketplace, facing end clients, is built for two most popular channels in China: a desktop website and a WeChat mini-program. Users can use simplified navigation to browse 40+ items catalog, accessing dealer stores after going through simple one-factor authorization or WeChat login. Mini program uses user’s location and Stock Intelligent Plus technology to recommend stores based on the required products and their availability. Loyalty program and sharing function fully engage users’ stickiness, while a shopping guide function provides even more care and convenience for elderly consumers.

UX design

After fully researching the needs for all 3 involved groups: Feidekai management, the dealers and the customers, we developed the UX strategy that was localized, streamlined and easy to manage. The customer facing interface is designed with a middle-aged or elderly user in mind, with an assisting shopping guide, payment QR codes and online approval from merchants. For the dealers’ app, we aimed at a simple and clear interface that would allow efficient store management with only a few clicks.

Technical solutions

Adobe Commerce (Magento) was chosen as the main framework for the development of the technical solution. We extended standard functionality with a number of proprietary extensions: - Multi-merchant management - Delivery and order tracking - Returns management - Partial checkout - Various payment options - WeChat login and WeChat Pay - Integration with ERP and shipping and last-mile providers - Seamless integration with printing hardware to produce shipping bills and labels.

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