About Positive List

Positive list is one of the central documents, regulating Cross-border eCommerce in China. It contains a list of product categories that can be imported into China through a cross-border eCommerce model.

Positive List (the name of this document in Chinese is 跨境电子商务零售进口商品清单) was introduced in April 2016, and encompassed 1,293 categories.

The list is regularly updated. in 2018 it was expanded to 1,321 items, then again in 2020 the number of categories was increased to 1413.

The version you are about to download is a result of yet another update that happened in March 2022. In this, rather complex update:

  • 23 new items were added
  • 1 item was removed
  • 115 items were added and 80 items removed due to the changes of categorization in the Chinese tax code
  • for 206 items the descriptions or remarks were updated.

If you are interested if your product is in the Positive List you can use out Interactive search tool on the Positive List Helper page. Or you can go ahead and download the whole list.

The list is published as a table in a 130-page PDF document.
Document’s language: English.