Updated for Q3 2020!

Now including:

  • New updates to the legal framework chapter, in collaboration with TMO legal partner Fangben Law Office
  • The latest updates from China’s most recent eCommerce legislation
  • Updated statistics to track the continued growth and latest trends of the Chinese market
  • A look at the current state of China’s major eCommerce marketplaces as the dust settles on Amazon’s pulling out of the country
  • Information on the recent expansion of China’s cross-border eCommerce pilot zones
  • A profile of the modern, global trend-setting Chinese consumer
  • Up-to-date explanations of the rapidly expanding mobile eCommerce ecosystem in China, such as the explosive success of WeChat Mini-Programs

With a growing middle class, the world’s largest population, and internet- and smartphone penetration rates of 56.9% and 69% respectively, China is a particularly lucrative market. Mobile might be characterised as the single most significant contributor to the growth of eCommerce in the country. As the world’s second largest economy and most populous nation, China offers foreign companies seemingly endless potential. Capitalising on this potential is however not easy.

In order to support companies with their eCommerce development for China, we published the China eCommerce Market Localization Guide.

Who should read this guide?

The China eCommerce Market Localization Guide is a handbook for business owners, C-level executives, marketeers and eCommerce specialists. It covers an extensive range of business topics, featuring industry insights, latest available market data and hands-on insider information. We provide you with a complete overview and strategic direction in starting your eCommerce business.

The guide is not only suitable for business owners and C-level executives but also provides topics for eCommerce operators and marketing specialists.

Features (USPs)

Our team of eCommerce market researchers and experts tackle a number of different topics, from the economic outlook in China and the latest eCommerce business models, to the country’s legal framework, biggest sales channels, most popular payment methods, unique social media landscape, and marketing realities.

  • A full blueprint of China’s national and cross-border eCommerce ecosystem
  • Information and insights designed to help you get familiar with the opportunities available in China and make a better-informed decision about whether the market is right for you and your brand
  • Latest relevant statistics and data from the most recent sources available, updated in Q1 2020
  • A discussion of the different entry strategies available to foreign companies importing into China
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up your own company in China
  • Analysis of China’s biggest sales channels
  • A breakdown of the logistics models and cross-border eCommerce frameworks and hubs
  • An exploration of the laws, incentives, taxes, and customs requirements for importers
  • An overview of the local culture and how that relates to consumer attitudes, buying culture, and marketing strategy
  • Twice-yearly updates provided for free, and complementary guides available on in-depth legal and store localization

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About eCommerce Localization Guide series

TMO Group publishes an extensive series of eCommerce Localization Guides. Covering general, legal and store-level localization topics, these handbooks provide key market and hands-on information on how to localize your eBusiness per country. We currently cover the following markets in our series: China, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Italy. This series is continuously expanding and being updated. All our guides are published in English and Chinese.

The guides are based on our aggregated 20+ years of experience and composed by our dedicated team of eCommerce market researchers. This all-inclusive complementary series of guides will help you find your way through the eCommerce jungle. Be sure to check out our complete series of guides which cover: (A) eCommerce Market Localization, (B) eCommerce Store Localization and (C) eCommerce Legal Localization.


Q1: How can I get a copy of this eCommerce Market Localization Guide?

A1: Just click on the ‘download now’ button and fill out your business details on the next page. You can then pay directly via PayPal. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you a dedicated download link for your copy of the guide in PDF format.

Q2: What is the difference between the starter’s guide and the in-depth guide?

A2: All our guides are based on TMO Group’s aggregated 20+ years of experience and composed by our dedicated team of eCommerce market researchers. However, the in-depth guide offers many more insights and much more detailed information than the starter’s guide.

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