5 Predictions about Omni Channel Retailing in the Future

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Retail is a changeable industry. Doug Stephens who is the retail website prophet predict that the change of retail industry in next 10 years will be far exceeding past one thousand years. The following are some predictions about omni channel retailing in next few years.

1. Immediate delivery will become normal

Amazon in America is trying to send products to customers in 30 minutes by robots. Though it looks weird, but we trust that it will not takes a long time before customers accept this kind of service. In order to compete will eCommerce retailers, brick to mortar shop retailers also make use of their offline shops for sending goods.

Last year, JD tried a new service called “three hour delivery”. It also approved that fast delivery is a trend for online shopping. It has also spreaded in part of China. It will not be far off to cover the whole mainland.

2. Media companies also sell products

The role of media is changing. It is not only for advertisement, but also sell goods. Along with the influence of advertisement is getting weak, some profit for media industry can also from goods selling.

All that matter is some media companies have its own fans. They probably have built a Wechat Public platform or micro-blog. If they transfer their role, based on their fans and impact, it will be easier for them to promote some products.

3. The boundary between Online and offline will be getting blurred

Last year, eBay set up a digitized online store. Actually, it is not a normal eCommerc website. Because of the technical support, it doesn’t need any inventories or employees. For consumers, that is also a fresh thing. For brands owner, it can also be an ads platform.

So the boundary between Online and offline will be getting blurred. From last year, many online enterprise began to start their offline business and vise versa. Their final purpose is to increase their brand awareness or visibility. They both break through the boundary of online and offline.

4. Personal privacy will bring business opportunities

The big date era is coming. Consumers will pay more attention to their privacy, even pay money to protect them. For retailers, what they must need to do is to guarantee that shopping in their online website is totally safe.

In March this year, Ctrip, who is one of the largest travel agency in China emerged a serious loophole for their Alipay. That made thousand of users bank account leaked. Along with the online shopping behaviour getting more and more frequent, we also recognize that we received more spam or sale phones. A good business is for selling, a great business also takes customers in to consideration.

5. Social network comments will affect consumers

Social media will indirectly impact customers decision and its importance is spreading such as viral marketing. Almost every business want to earn additional credibility from social medias. For example Xiaomi is one of the businesses who benefits from social marketing. But we should know that good reputation based on excellent quality. Otherwise it would be counterproductive.


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