Where will Mobile Apps Go in 2015?

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2015 is coming. It’s time to take stock of  how mobile commerce changed our lives in 2014 and where will it go.

1. App still dominated by Internet giants

Except game apps, most of popular apps are dominated by Internet giants including News, Maps, Instant Messaging and so on. Especially some popular apps such as Wechat or Sina Weibo. They take up most of users spare time. The mainly reason is that they already have a mass basis. They can easily transfer the PC user become a mobile user. For example Wechat are similar to QQ app, who is evolved from PC QQ. And people can use their QQ account to login their Wechat.

2. It lacks of motivation in innovation

Looking back over this past year, there is nearly no app astonished us. Some apps were just popular in a short period of time like GIF pictures making.  It is hard to share a piece of cake from Internet giants. That mean the mobile Internet industry is getting mature. For new apps, it will become harder and harder to stand out. User experience and habits is one reason that people would not like to change their instant messaging tools frequently. The other reason is innovation. In order to attract more users, new apps must have new highlights.

3. Enterprise apps development requirement will decrease

Not only the chance for new apps getting popular is getting fewer, but also for enterprise apps. The main reason is that some huge platforms support related services. For example small companies can develop their app through Wechat and they can apply a Wechat service account to  promote their business. Some eCommerce companies also build their mobile website through Baidu Zhidahao.

4. Functional apps will integrate with Super apps.

At present, some functional apps can integrated with super apps. And they can obtain the same user experience with lonely apps as well. A famous example is the Tencent taxi app. They integrate the taxi app with Wechat so that users can call a taxi through Wechat. Furthermore, some apps can also rely on external browsers, and the traditional apps will be abandoned.

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