The Chinese legal framework is complex and any aspiring foreign merchant attempting to trade in China must ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment before proceeding to initiate trade.

In order to provide an overview of the legal side for cross-border eCommerce business in China, we have published this China eCommerce Legal Localisation Guide.

Who should read this guide?

The China eCommerce Legal Localisation Guide is the handbook for business owners, legal counselors and advisors as well as eCommerce specialists. Our team of eCommerce professionals and legal counselors have examined and included hands-on information on ICP license, copyrights, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other legal considerations affecting the order workflow.

Features (USP’s)

This report includes the latest developments on security laws and content templates as a reference to generate legal pages. It thus provides you with a complete overview and strategic direction on the legal side of your eCommerce business.

  • Covering all major topics on legal for B2C eCommerce websites
  • Decision flow diagram on China hosting and ICP license
  • Latest regulations on consumer protection and security laws
  • All legal implications related to customer registrations
  • China’s regulations on contract conclusion and order workflow
  • Checklist on key legal content pages for eCommerce websites
  • Three legal templates for key eCommerce regulations

We provide answers to

  • What are legal requirements on language?
  • Which regulations need to be considered for hosting a website in China?
  • What are my options on copyrights and trademarks?
  • How do terms of service and privacy policy need to be set-up in China?
  • Which regulations on order workflow, customer service and return handling need to be followed?
  • What will be the upcoming regulation on the Cyber Security Law?
  • Which key points need to be included for legal pages?

About eCommerce Localisation Guides

TMO Group publishes an extensive series of eCommerce Localisation Guides. Covering general, legal and store-level localisation topics, these handbooks provide key market and hands-on information on how to localise your eBusiness per country. We currently cover the following markets in our series: China and Italy. This series is continuously expanding and soon to be published are Germany and France.

The guides are based on our aggregated 20+ years of experience and composed by our dedicated team of eCommerce market researchers. This all-inclusive complementary series of guides will help you find your way through the eCommerce jungle. Be sure to check out our complete series of guides which cover: (A) eCommerce Market Localisation, (B) eCommerce Store Localisation and (C) eCommerce Legal Localisation.


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A2: At the moment we only support PayPal payments. However, in the near future this will be expanded to include other popular methods such as WeChat Pay and Alipay.

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A3: If you encounter any problems throughout the ordering process, get in touch with us. You can reach us through our online customer service. Alternatively, you can send an email to or give us a call at +86 (0)21 617 00 396.

Q4: If my payment was successful, can I receive an invoice?

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