3 Potential Trends to Promote the Mobile Payment

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According to a technology blog site “TechCrunch” reported that, there are many new trends in the development of mobile payment. And the following three trends will be the most popular between consumers and businesses.

1. Services before and after the transaction

It is clear that consumers and businesses are not using mobile payments only in order to user Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers demands.mobile payment services. Currently, the way we use mobile payment services doesn’t have any problems. But a lot of pre-trade and post-trade measures can bring more value for both consumers and businesses.It can increase convenience and boost the capacity of revenue growth.

These measures include data analysis that based on innovative new products and services to save expenses through price comparison tool. Location-based services can make users getting the instant gratification of needs easily. Only mobile technology can make all things possible, because the relevant amount of data that generated by mobile payments are several times more than bank card.

2. “Record bank card information” is widely used

For a long time, businesses have been using the “Record bank card information” service, which can be a better service for repeat customers. But is not suitable for occasional (even disposable) customers in business transactions. For example, no passenger would like to record their bank card information after taking taxis.

With the advent of the app ecological chain, mobile has become a major channel for streaming music, sharing the economic services and so on. “Records of the bank card information” has become the key to start the completion of the transaction in mobile devices. This not only makes the payment and transaction seamlessly integrated, but also makes the payment transparently.

Besides starting the digital ecosystem, the characteristics of the electricity supplier can also be introduced into the retail environment through the same tools. Once the Bricks-and-mortar stores use mobile services vision come ture, “record bank card information” will become a major force in mobile payments.

3. Improve security

In the past, the payment service safety is more like a kind of health care product. Despite the high hopes, it did not create any additional value. However, along with the data leakage incident happened frequently these years, it has become a valuable things to be considered.

Survey shows safety is the most important factor that hinder the way consumers and businesses using mobile payment. In fact, all other factors being equal, mobile payments are more secure than using a bank card payment transactions.

Some of the payment ideas – such as using token technology could greatly improve the security of mobile payments. It has changed the public perception of the payment – especially mobile payments.

Not only rely on the mobile payment convenience, but also affect people’s behavior. We must focus on developing an opportunity that is good for user experience and revenue growth.

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