Predictions for Mobile App Development in 2015

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With the continuous expansion of coverage of Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers commerce, eCommerce industry has opened a new new era. APP will lead the world and  it will also be an important content of the innovation of public service. Information technology service provider should be concerned about the APP mode, which has speeded up the development of eCommerce industry.

Mobile apps are definitely here to stay. Experts advise, however, that getting too comfortable with a mobile strategy and not adapting in the ever changing app market is a recipe for disaster. Below are a few predictions for mobile app development in 2015:

1. Mobile app will more targeted

mobile targetWhen companies first began developing apps, they were multipurpose. If an extra feature or functionality could be fit into an app, it was. That’s changing. We’re going to see people going back to the idea of apps as tools, meaning apps will be created to address very targeted needs. On the B2C side, the app world is getting more and more crowded, so the more specific you can make an app, the easier it is for someone to get the value out of that app.

What’s driving this in the B2E (business to employee) space is the consumerization of IT. Technology managers charged with mobile strategies are trying to create natural interactions for business-focused tools based on what people do daily with their phones.

 2. Cost of mobile app projects will increase

Prices for quality app development are truly higher as compared to low quality app development. If you really want to develop an app that wins the heart of users, you have to invest some bigger amount for such. Future estimations declared the higher prices of app projects and business people need to pay that if they really want to expand their business.

App development cost

If you are a Mobile Development SolutionsNowadays businesses have the necessity to go mobile. We are your partner in analyzing business to match your timeline and eCommerce app developer, then be ready for bright future and if you are business person, then be ready to face the future costs of mobile app development as mobile apps are essential for wider reach of your business.

Mobile video

3. Enhanced smartphone video ads

As Smartphone video ads take center stage, marketers and business owners are advised to make them short and sweet, for example, around 5-10 seconds. Tablet advertisements should be approximately 15 seconds, while desktop advertisements should be the traditional 30 seconds. The challenge of creating advertisements lucrative over an array of lengths is what brands anticipate.

Replacing banners, new creative formats and MPUs, will possibly transpire throughout the year. There is an expectation of innovative vibrant media formats, completely different from standard advertisements. Videos on mobile devices are certainly expected to grow from this particular tend, which will make advertising on mobile devices atypical.

UX mobile

4. Advanced Mobile User Experience Design

Leading mobile apps are delivering exceptional user experiences, which are achieved by a variety of new techniques and methodologies, such as motivational design, “quiet” design and “playful” interfaces. Designers are also creating apps that can accommodate mobile challenges, such as partial user attention and interruption, or that can exploit technologies with novel features or “wow” factors, such as augmented reality. Leading consumer apps are setting high standards for user interface design, and all organizations must master new skills and work with new partners to meet growing user expectations.

5. Apps for More Than Phones and Tablets

By 2015, most developers say, they’ll be coding apps for more than just smartphones and tablets–branching out into televisions (83.5%), game consoles (71.2%), the foldable screen(68.1%), and Google Glass (67.1%).

It’s interesting to note that 74% of those surveyed plan to build apps for connected cars. Considering that California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday regulating self-driving cars in the state, it’s easy to imagine a day when innovative apps built into cars that drive themselves will let us thoroughly embrace distracted driving–maybe we can even work on the way to work!

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