The Online Payment Penetration in Over 50% in China

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Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released a report which said that by the end of June of 2015, there were 359 million people have ever paid online. It increased 17.9% compared with the end of 2014. Furthermore, the ratio of mobile payment also increased from 39% to 46.5% and there were 276 million people paid by mobile. See some Online Shopper Preferences here.

online payment mobile payment ratio

The development of Internet technology enriched application scenarios. Now we there are many payment method such as scan QR codes, NFC and fingerprint payment. Based on some scene design, they indeed make our lives more convenient. There also appeared some new business model like O2O as the times required.

Take an example of financial industry, the profit model is also changed a lot. At the beginning, the profit module was “transaction fees + interest on deposit”. Now there are internet bank, P2P loan, internet credit card services and so on. One hand, these products or services are close to consumers lives. One the other hand, they are able to help small company or crowdfunding projects to solve funding issues. Based on this, it already had a closed loop.

For individual users, online payment behaviour is related to the credit rating. With the continuous improvement of the business structure, by making use of the big data, the enterprise who support the online payment service has already satisfied the requirements. In the future, the personal credit rating system will be widely used combined with IT big giants like BAT in China.

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