In previous decades, China represented a large but under-developed market for overseas health supplements and meal replacement brands, who could more easily dominate local competition with their high quality products and stellar international reputations.

While quality and reputation remain strengths for overseas brands, in certain segments of the market Chinese brands startt o take the lead. International brands are having to learn from the trend-setting local counterparts in order to stay competitive, and in order to prepare for possible similar developments back home.

What Will You Find in This 2021 Industry Report?

Over its 60 pages, this report provides a comprehensive look at the China meal replacement market, analysis on the most popular products and product groups, case studies of brands that have flourished there.
  • Market size and potential: including information from up-to-date sources, research agencies, and first-hand research on leading platforms such as Alibaba’s Taobao
  • Breakdowns on the major market segments: specifically makeup and skincare
  • A look at the competitive environment: examining brand dominance in different parts of the market and how some brands have tackled market entry
  • Use of social media for promotion of meal replacement products: Overview of lead players’ broad-strokes strategies and choices when it comes to building a customer base.

This report will be updated annually.