Over the last years, O2O became a well-known and adopted solution in the retail industry. This solution, internationally also referred to as omni-channel, integrates shopping experiences on all online (Tablet, Mobile, Mobile Terminal and Desktop) and offline devices. By using mobile internet-connected devices, customers can add offline products to their online wishlist, compare products online and delay purchasing decisions in front of their Desktop PC. By gathering all offline and online sales data, customer loyalty programs can be fully integrated and turned into a strong marketing and CRM tool.


What Will be the Future of Offline Retail?

Every retailer needs to find ways to stay connected with its customer, creating loyalty and growing their business. Online shopping will never replace the need for physical stores, however in the coming 5 to 10 years the role of the retail will change. Retail will play a stronger role in the overall digital brand experience and expectations customers have offline. Therefore, when developing a multi-channel retail strategy what do we need to consider?

Our Solutions - Omni-channel Retailing

TMO focuses on Omni channel eCommerce Software solutions helping retailers to create a unified eCommerce platform connecting to existing information systems. We empower retailers with an integrated solution which offer shoppers an interactive and fully unified shopping experience. Mobile optimization for smart phone, tablet and POS terminals play an important role closing the loop in O2O.

Multi-device Commerce Development

We provide omni-channel eCommerce solutions with a single infrastructure. Servicing different devices like desktop, tablet, smartphone and connecting to POS supporting devices. This keeps the shopping experience unified and simple.

o2o-development TMO Group

OMS & WMS Systems

We build seamless integrations with online and offline order processing, inventory management and internal feedback systems. Our web service infrastructure enables communication with any device.

O2O eCommerce development TMO Group

WeChat O2O Omni-channel

Offer the customer an in-app experience via the support of a WeChat Storefront. This can include QR code scanning, payments, social interaction, membership and coupon features. Directly connect offline to online and gather valuable CRM data from your customer.

o2o-omnichannel TMO Group

O2O Hardware Support

Integrating O2O hardware in your offline stores not only provides customers mobile payments but also loyalty points, redemption and membership card features. Capture valuable data by tracing customer behaviour from Online to Offline.

O2O Hardware support TMO Group