Why Your Mobile Apps are Abandoned

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A recent research which aims at the using rate of game apps shows that 40% of users will abandon or uninstall their game apps just past one day. And there are 20% of the game apps are survived for a week. Only 10% of them will be kept alive for a month. Even for tools app, the ratio will be lower. So the question comes out: Why your mobile apps are abandoned?

Many app developers expect that when they finish their development, after uploaded it to app store or Google Play, many users are pleasure to download. Then they can analyse users behaviour and get some feedback, so that to improve their apps. Actually, only few users will download the app voluntarily. Some users even never install them. In order to keep our users, we still have to much work to do. Let’s see some common issues that app developers often ignore.

1. High barriers to entry

High barriers to entryPeople usually use mobile phones in their spare time. In certain circumstances, it is inconvenient for them to type letters such as stand in a bus. As a result, it is stupid to let users type to much information while opening the app. For some options like Email, age or other options with small association with the app, they don’t make sense.

2. Complex interface

When comes to the interface, many people think it should be creative and really cool. To be honest, user prefer the experience rather than the design. Best design should be based on user experience. That means the app is easy to use and understand.

3. Beginners guide

Do you think the beginners guide is out of date? Stop kidding! Most of game apps have detailed beginners guide, which can involve users in the game stories. But many tools app don’t have. That is one of the reason why the abandon ratio for tools apps are higher.


4. Ugly

Beautiful is different from complex design. Although functions are simple or interfaces are clean, we can still carefully match the color and change the font. Clean and beautiful interface can also gain more users.

5. Crash

A disadvantage for touchscreen is that when we touch the virtual button, no physical reaction instead. So you need to make the app quickly responsive to meet users pressing need. Moreover, frequently crash also makes users crazy.

6. No post or overuse

Some times you need to send necessary posts to users. Users need to know some kind of status. Such as a weather app, typhoon or big rain remind is in need of post. But if you post the temperature once an hour, I’m sure the app will be uninstalled.

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Many reasons cause user abandoning your apps. Do you want to develop a high quality app? Send us an email and we can help with your mobile commerce.


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