Why Adobe Commerce (Magento) Is the Best Choice For Mobile eCommerce?

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Just a few years ago, mobile eCommerce wasn’t on most retailers radar. The world has changed. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. The post-PC hype may have been overdone, but there’s no doubt customers will browse and shop on the device they have to hand, and that’s increasingly likely to have a screen smaller that the traditional PC and rely on touch for navigation.

Mobile eCommerce is likely to become the dominant online shopping experience. Adobe Commerce (previously know as Magento) responsive eCommerce design is the optimal mobile eCommerce solution.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is dedicated to your eCommerce success and today that means extending customer relationships to mobile devices. As the leading ecommerce platform provider, Adobe Commerce now leads the way in mobile commerce. Integrated with the Adobe Commerce eCommerce platform, Adobe Commerce Mobile enables companies to take customer relationships to an entirely new level with a native mobile iPhone application that incorporates branded design, navigation and search capability, user account features, merchandising tools and best-of-breed payment applications.

Unlike the hassles associated with anticipating how your users are experience the mobile-compatible version of your website, seamless integration of Adobe Commerce (Magento) CMS with your mobile device will allow to create a separate application for your e-commerce store/website. This will even allow you to render a dedicated mobile experience for consumers who prefer visiting your e-store via their smartphones or smart tablets.

When choosing which platform to build an eCommerce store on, its mobile friendliness and responsive capabilities should be high on the list of considerations. Adobe Commerce is of the strongest platforms in this regard. Adobe Commerce’s shopping cart and checkout are fully responsive and touch friendly, helping retailers improve their mobile eCommerce conversion rates.

When opting for integrating Adobe Commerce (Magento) store with your mobile gadget, the e-store features that you can integrate include: inventory, product catalog, reporting, checkout and a lot of others. Since the Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform can flawlessly integrate with the app created using your device; you can easily avoid the headache of spending multiple hours on rebuilding each and every detail for your e-store.

ECommerce owners who use Adobe Commerce (Magento) told us they love the software’s cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions like with other eCommerce software choices, which typically limit things like the number of products, users and transactions available to you. From free versions of the software to free and paid plug-ins and extensions, Adobe Commerce can get your online store up and running at little to no cost.



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