Engaging in Cross Border eCommerce Importing to China is a new model to sell online in China. The difference between a China eCommerce solution is that products can be shipped individually or in bulk to China with fast custom product filling, custom clearance and lower import taxes. We advise and consult you about the most suitable Import & Distribution strategy and develop integrations for Cross Border payment gateways, 3rd party logistics & custom clearing.



Our Solutions - Import to China

Our local team of China experts advices you how to setup an cross border strategy to Import to China. We provide insights into the latest market developments, custom & custom regulations and distribution options. Find our China Import advisory & implementation services below:

China Localization

Integrate China locale preferences on currency display, discount, shipping fees and overall product detail lay-out. We advise you which localisations need to be implemented and which international elements to maintain.

crossborder-chinalocale TMO Group

Cross-border Warehousing & Logistics

A key to Import foreign products into China is the process of filling and clearing products at the customs. We can offer integrations with 3rd parties to automate the process of product filling and notifying your customer on order tracking. Ready to market integrations with TMO preferred Logistic partners.

crossborder-warehousing TMO GROUP

Mobile Centric & Multi-channeling

Adapting to growing use of mobile devices, calls for full integration of Desktop PC, Mobile & Wechat storefronts and synergise data with your Market place stores in order to measure your customer activities over multiple channels.

Cross-border Import Features

Engaging in Cross-border eCommerce in China requires a China User Experience with consumer information to enable custom clearance. We advise & implement Chinese ID checks and cross-border tax management to follow China regulations.

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China Cross-border Payments Solutions

The check-out process is a critical component in the buying process for a Cross-border platform. We provide consumers with Major China cross-border payment options (Wechat, Alipay, Yeepay & Unionpay) the key to increase your sales order conversion.

Cross Border Payments China TMO Group

Channel Data Integration

In order to get the best out of your Multi-channel approach we aggregate valuable data over the Customer Journey from acquiring users on Marketplaces to in-depth Customer data via a Wechat Store solution or full Branded eCommerce.

Cross Border China Data Insight TMO Group