How will Mobile Internet Affect Consumers Decision?

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Years ago, we believed that the mobile internet is a part of the internet. But with the development of mobile internet, we can confirm that  mobile internet is the direction of the internet. Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers demands.Mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular now.

In the era without mobile internet, consumers’ decision-making can be this: Xiao Ming turned on the TV, and TV non-stop playing this advertisement: Coffee beans from a mysterious area. Xiao Ming was attracted to the content. A few days later, Xiao Ming went to the supermarket to buy some things, just to see a lot of new Coffee products in the promotion. But he didn’t like these new products. Suddenly, Xiao Ming thought the advertisement that showed to him a few days ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t found the product in this supermarket. So he had to pick up the coffee he used to buy.

But in the era of mobile Internet, consumers decision may be this: Coffee bean advertising can be shown in any screens. Once interested, people can use their mobile phone to search the Coffee bean and place an order to buy, then wait for delivery.

mobile internetIt can also be this: Xiaoming saw many new coffee products are promoted. And Xiaoming used mobile internet to take a photo. Immediately he found some detailed information of these new products and other people’s comments. Just to see a friend said the Coffee was well known on social media. Therefore, Xiaoming decided to buy the new product. After that he also shared the products and commented the coffee on social media.

Comparing with PC internet, mobile internet can participate to the process of consumer’s decision-making. Mobile internet connect the service and people, people and information, people and brand.. If necessary, consumers can find any information about any products.

The path of decision will no longer like a funnel, but a closely connected mode. When the consumer find a product, he or she can quickly find out the relevant information. You can also finish the purchase in a convenient way. As a result, for consumers, a more compact process is realized. Secondly, the steps of decision can be skipped. In the whole process, not every step must be to achieve. Because on the mobile internet, consumers can quickly find the relevant products and the brand information, and quickly to purchase products. Just as in some social medias, most of the sales interface have a payment button. Therefore, at this time, the consumer decision-making path becomes a link. Brands and products will need to pay close attention to. The interest of consumers should be seized in order to push the consumer’s purchase action.

Because of the unlimited shelf and the infinite information, consumers decision-making has become more complex. A study recently showed that, in mobile internet era, the number of comparing the related products is 2 ~ 3 times than before, more than 10 times the amount of information processing. So this is a paradox. Mobile internet provides a connection to people and the product, which is convenient. On the other hand, the choice of task, select the workload, the difficulty of the choice are increased.

How to help the consumer to make a decision has become a initial problem to solve. There were a lot of tools, for example, a bargaining tool,a product performance comparison tool, also seek a recommended tool,  is able to let consumers make the decision simply.

Does advertising play a role?

Good advertising is still play a role, but the content is the most important part. The interest of consumers may be due to see advertising, film, television, friends sharing and so on. Advertising is still valid in the dissemination of controllable. But marketers need to pay more attention to the process of those consumers who seek information. The way of obtain information is not only by advertising. Consumers will take the initiative to search, query website, ask friends etc..After interested in the advertising, they will pay more attention to the construction of the type of content.

Mobile commmerce

In short, in the area of mobile internet , the stage of decision-making still include interest, information, demand, action and feedback. But the chain has become more closely. In this context, what should be done about the mobile internet perhaps to be the question that all of us need to take into consideration .

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