How Will American Take 4.7 Hours on Mobiles Affect Mobile Shopping

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A study from “Internet Retailer” shows that playing mobile phones for 4.7 hours on average every day makes American become the longest country in the world. In addition, they also have the highest percentage of mobile shopping, followed by Indian, Brazilian and Thai.

Smartphone has become a necessity in our lives. It is not only happened in America, but also a global trend. Along with the raise of cover rate as well as internet speed that from 2G to 4G  people can surf the internet everywhere no matter in subway or on the top of the mountain. Do you know what they exactly do while they playing smartphones? Let’s see the following statistics from a market-search firm called Pvt:

  • Content (search, news, weather, health, travel): 37%
  • Multimedia (music and video): 15%
  • Game: 12%
  • Browse Webpage: 9%
  • Text: 9%
  • Chat and text message: 5%
  • Voice: 5%
  • Other: 8%

And followings are the percentage of mobile shopping

  • America: 59%
  • India: 42%
  • Thailand: 22%
  • Brazil: 22%
  • Qatar: 19%
  • Malaysia: 18%
  • South Africa: 18%
  • Indonesia: 17%
  • Mexico: 16%
  • Argentina: 11%
  • Philippines: 11%
  • Turkey: 9%

The report also said that American spend the most data traffic. It is up to 20GB including Wifi per month. And Indonesia spend the least, only 3GB per month.

Sunday the most popular day for mobile shopping

Another report according to Opera Mediaworks said that Sunday is the most popular day for mobile shopping. But in PC browser, it is Monday. Because of the holiday season, mobile shopping become hot from Nov to Feb.

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Mobile shopping grows, but American consumers cautious

A report from eweek said that While the percentage of smartphone shoppers in the U.S. is about average compared to the rest of the world, it fell far behind countries like China. The United States was about average globally in the amount of shoppers who have bought online in the past year using a smartphone, which put them on par with countries including the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil, according to a PayPal study of 17,600 consumers in 22 countries.

Caporaso, who comes from SPS Commerce said that not only does the customer “feel comfortable doing their shopping in an app or on a mobile site,” but that retailers are pushing for more of an omnichannel experience. That means meshing the retail store experience with the online experience and achieving the same look and feel.

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