Why Enterprise Need Mobility Solutions?

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Generally speaking, enterprises are keen on the service which is easy and convenient to use. As the mobile commerce getting popular, some related services have been improved as well.

In a recently research, 61% of the mobile developers trust that in two years, backend cloud services will replace traditional platform services. What kind of enterprise will pioneered to use mobility solutions? Probably in these 8 industries:

  • Bank
  • medical care
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Automotive

The reason is easy to understand. These industries always trying new technologies. The vice president of IBM, Buckellew said that IBM mainly focus on these 8 industries, and they need to use mobillity solutions.

In addition, some apps can be widely used in many industries. For example human resource management or expense report. Some special industries need more professional services. For example banks pay more attention to the security and GPS devices attach more importance to data transmission.

Unlike consumers, enterprises tend to sample addictive new technologies warily. Smartphones and cloud services take months or years to integrate into the enterprise. Often they start in one department (like sales or accounting or IT) and then spread throughout the rest of a business. For instance, salespeople will adopt a customer relationship management (CRM) mobile app to help improve efficiency. The rest of the organization will see how well it works and make requests for their own mobile apps.

This is how the mobile imperative spreads through an enterprise—horizontally, from worker to worker, rather than from the top down. Whereas many organizations will have five to ten essential apps, there is need and desire to build dozens (or hundreds) to serve all aspects of business functions. These apps are both for external, customer-facing purposes, as well as internal organizational purposes.

Startups and established technology companies alike are coming to realize the value of selling mobility solutions to the enterprise. The fact of the matter is that building apps for consumers is a very hit-or-miss business. And, as we have seen, building tools for mobile developers is a dicey proposition as well. Enterprise is where the money is and many developers have come to that realization over the last year. Instead of building the best new mobile social network (hello, Path), they are building apps for accountants, for salespeople, for IT gurus and administrators.

Once a quarter, Appcelerator surveys the developers who use its Titanium Studio integrated developer environment, or IDE, and other mobile tools. (It conducts the survey in association with research firm IDC.) In its most recent survey of 6,046 Titanium developers released today, Appcelerator saw a distinct increase in developers interested in building apps for the enterprise over the last three years.

Since the fourth quarter of 2010, enterprise-focused developers have risen from 29.3% of Appcelerator’s survey respondents to 42.7% in the second quarter of 2013. Developers primarily interested in consumer-facing apps have shrunk from 70.7% to 57.2% in the same time period.

It is the breadth and variety of enterprise needs (and the billions upon billions of dollars controlled by those companies) that make it such an enticing area for mobile developers. No one solution will be perfect for every organization. Hence, opportunity abounds for enterprising entrepreneurs to build their own billion dollar businesses.

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