6 Solutions to Design a Perfect Mobile Commerce Call-to-action

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There are some good recommendations in a round-up published today on how to provide clear and useful calls to action on Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers demands.mobile commerce website.

 According to a recent eMarketer report, mobile devices are expected to account for 25% of all e-commerce orders in U.S by 2017. As mobile becomes an important channel of revenue for retailers,optimizing your eCommerce websites for mobile has become of utmost importance. A shopper using a mobile device to help make in-store purchase decisions is no longer an emerging behavior. It is established behavior.

Especially when the call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your mobile shopping website play a major role in converting window shoppers into customers. A perfectly tailored CTA should be clear, compelling and should guide your customer towards making a purchase.Here are six ways on how to  Design a Perfect Mobile Commerce Call-to-action.

1. Make CTA buttons colorful to contrast with the surrounding

colorful button


The fastest way to grab the attention of your user is by making your CTA stand out from the background, as well as any other icons on the product page. Using color is a great way to add contrast. Some colours have other connotations; some may associate red with danger or debt, while green can signify ‘go’. These are all things to consider when choosing a colour. While vibrant colours work best in catching the shopper’s attention, even muted colours can be used  provided they do not blend in with your surrounding text. Different variations should also be tested until the best performing colour and button combination is found.


2. Convey a sense of urgency through the content and Use unambiguous wording

The wording you use should make it glaringly obvious what will happen if a user presses a button, such as ‘Add to basket’ or ‘Checkout.’ The content that you use as the call to action needs to be simple and ideally start with an active verb – For example,’Buy Now’, ‘Add to Bag’, etc. Using bold and commanding words to phrase the action can create a sense of urgency in your customer’s mind and can nudge them into a purchase decision there and then.

The once you’ve added it to the list, how do you get to the checkout?

Why use ‘Add to basket’ when ‘Buy’ is snappier and takes up less space? Obviously it doesn’t work in all cases, but brands need to be willing to test different tactics and wordings to try and increase mobile conversions.

               unambiguous word

3. Use multiple CTAs on long product pages

Most product pages are very lengthy with a lot of information on customer reviews, product description, product specifications etc. Having just one CTA button below the product image on such pages, makes it difficult for your users as it forces them to scroll all the way up to find the button. In such cases it is best to add multiple calls to action on the product page.

CTAs should be the biggest link on the page, so make them noticeable. Big buttons won’t entice everyone to make a purchase, but it reduces the frustration and abandonment rates for serious shoppers and might grab some impulse buyers.

Greats, a Brooklyn based online retailer in sneakers, for instance, has two ‘Add to Cart’ CTAs, one above and the other below the fold. These buttons play a crucial role in increasing the opportunities for their shoppers to add further items to their shopping carts.

4. Provide CTAs to direct your shoppers to checkout as fast as possibleCTA direct

When it comes to the fashion industry most online purchases are impulsive. Given that, once your shopper has added an item to their shopping cart, it is best to direct them to the checkout process right away before they change their mind.

John Lewis, a British online store, uses big green ‘Checkout’ CTA buttons that stand out against the background, to direct their shoppers straight to the checkout once they have added an item to the basket. The shopper can choose to continue shopping or proceed with the checkout process.

5. Add ‘click-to-call’ buttons to make the checkout more human

Another way of making the checkout process easier for customers is to give them a telephone number to call in case they get stuck, have further questions, or would like to complete the purchase or reservation by phone.

Giving your shoppers the option to click on a button to speak to your customer service expert is a good way to ensure extra conversions from customers who would otherwise abandon the purchase. This way, they can just make a call to clear their queries or seek help when they get stuck.

6. Adapt for different devices and optimized for mobile & PC

CTAs should be tested to make sure they render correctly on different mobile devices, and brands should also consider the different creative options available on each device.

For example, Direct Line used a swipe button for the iPad-friendly version of its German homepage.



Thus call-to-actions are the cornerstone to a successful mobile commerce website. The above mentioned tips are sure to help you create perfect mobile CTAs that truly speak to your shoppers.

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