Cost Per Loyal Mobile App User hits a High Record

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Cost per loyal user index

Every autumn, the cost of acquiring loyal mobile app users will increase, which also happened this year. A data from Fiksu showed that in September of this year, cost per loyal app user index hits a high record. That means, the competition in app industry becomes more intense, especially for individual or small app developers.

Cost per loyal user index

Fortunately, when new module or version of mobile phones come out, more apps will be downloaded. After iPhone 6 comes out, three times the amount of apps are downloaded than iPhone 5.

Competition index

The following picture shows the quantity of  top 200 app downloads per day. The quantity decreased 4% than last year. One reason is the phone’s internal memory limitation of IOS 8. Users usually need to uninstall some apps in order to add a new one.

app competition index

Cost per install index

For the cost per install index in IOS platform, it increased 8% from August to September, 41% increased that last year. For Android, it also increased 33% that last year in the same period of time.

Cost per install

Cost per launch index

The cost per launch index means tracking the costs of driving engagement from mobile users. It decreased 10% every month, and 9% compared with last year.

Cost per launch index


From my point of view, there are two important parts to make more profits from a mobile app. One is the entrance, where users can find the app and download it. The other one is user experience. Although we can not change the fact that development cost is getting higher, we can control the exit by improving user experience. People like to share interesting or good user experience apps, aren’t they?

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