We understand the dynamics of the Chinese market and offer optimized China E-Commerce solutions. Helping you to execute your online sales activities, so you can focus on managing your business. Within TMO we collect market intelligence and set the optimal strategy for organisations to enter the market. We conceptualize and develop the most effective China E-Commerce solutions. 

Starting to sell in China via a localized & optimized solutions requires the right market & industry knowledge to let companies in China. At TMO Group, we follow a set of developed processes that guide our clients from Definition – Design – Develop – Deliver – Drive stage in the online business.


In China we offer the following E-Commerce Solutions:

  • China Cross-border eCommerce
  • Social Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce 
  • B2B Commerce 
  • New Retail – OmniChannel Commerce
  • Market Place – JD – Tmall 



Our China eCommerce Solutions

China eCommerce Strategy

We guide you through our market-proven workflow by analyzing your strategy from a Market – Industry – Brand approach. Analyzing your market opportunity, benchmarking your product category/subcategory and setting your winning brand strategy for China!

overview-ecommerce-strategy 2

China Unified Design

Our China eCommerce solutions are designed to fit the Chinese market. Moreover, we unify your brand identity over multiple channels such as brand commerce and marketplace channels to generate volume and acquire new users.

chinaecommerce-chinauserexperience tmo group

China Localization

Chinese social media, payment integration and logistics tracking. We ensure that your Chinese audience can easily navigate your website and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.

Mobile Centric and Multi-channeling

Adapting to the growing use of mobile devices calls for full integration of Desktop PC, Mobile and Wechat storefronts. Also synergize data with marketplaces in order to measure your customers’ activities over multiple channels.

Channel Data Integration

In order to get the best out of your multi-channel approach, we aggregate valuable data over the customer journey. From acquiring users on marketplaces to in-depth customer data via a WeChat store solution or fully branded eCommerce.


eCommerce Insights and Metrics

Within our managed service scope we make use of the latest eCommerce metrics. Providing real-time eCommerce dashboards on Sales Order Value, abandoned shopping carts and conversion per acquisition channel. On top of that, our team of data scientists analyze Customer Life-time Value and provide full insights into RFM, Customer Life-time Value and churn rate.

Managed Services

We offer you eCommerce solutions following our customer-centric approach. Driving paid and organic traffic while increasing the Customer Life-time Value through our marketing services, creating a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and valuable insights.