B2B will Take the Lead in Mobile Commerce

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Because “bring you own device” is rising, more smartphones and tablets are used in our works. They are used by businessmen who often leave their office, despite desktops or laptops are their main business tools.

We know from The Purchasing Behavior of B2B Buyers that 68% of b2b buyers now purchase goods online and mobile marketing increased a lot in 2014. A report from eMarketer said, “in B2B mobile marketing, sellers should catch up with buyers”.

The technology trends for the workplace is BYOD (bring your own device). That means staffs can work with their own intelligence device such as tablets or smartphones only by using internet. IPass, who is the enterprise mobility services provider reported in April last year that nearly three third of the companies in north america already have the idea of BYOD.

There will be no limitation by using mobile commerce. A report from Forrester Research shows that 91% of internet workers use desktops in their office. But 64% of them also use smartphones at the same time. And tablets are used more frequently than any other places except home.

device use frequency

We can see from the chart that destop still dominate the office. But some analysts said that mobile will share a large amount of B2B market in the future. In addition, more than half of enterprise managers think they will use mobile device as their main office tools instead of desktops in three years.

PC and mobile device

This shift is happening. Of course it causes the boundary between “work time” and “personal time” getting blurred. There is no deny that enterprise mobility will become more and more popular. And probably B2B will take the lead.

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