App Development Trends Probably Come to Truth in 2015

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Believe it or not, Mobile Development SolutionsNowadays businesses have the necessity to go mobile. We are your partner in analyzing business to match your timeline and eCommerce development is just in its beginning stages. This has been realized through a series of research studies. By 2015, it is estimated that the app market will have generated an impressive $38 billion. App development in the future will be a highly lucrative market owing to the diverse approaches developers are taking in their quest to bring comfort and convenience to all everyday tasks. Mobile Commerce SolutionMobile Commerce used to be a direct extension of a Desktop eCommerce website. But now, it needs to include more to meet consumers demands.Mobile commerce can be found everywhere, so from my perspective, the app development trends will still be an eye-opener in 2015. Now let’s see some app development trends that will probably come to truth in 2015.

1. Android will overtake IOS

android vs iosSince Jobs got other jobs in paradise from IOS 6 developed. From Wikipedia, we can know that 60% of global mobile market was shared by Android in 2013, and the number comes to 70% so far. But iOS currently brings in more developer revenue, partly because it has 20% market share, and partly because the ios system updated frequently. But this is changing, Google has been moving functionality out of the core OS and into Google Play Services which is updatable independently of the core OS, so developers will care less about the OS version. And Android is becoming more of a Google-controlled platform.

2.Cloud App

Cloud applications are a sort of hybrid between traditional desktop applications and traditional web applications. Recent years of google trends,  cloud app become more and more popular. They offer the benefits of both of these types of software without many of the drawbacks.  Like desktop apps, cloud applications can offer a rich user experience, immediate response to user actions, and offline mode. What can we expect, then, for the future of cloud apps? First, future applications will be written for the cloud directly. In addition, future applications will use cloud-hosted services offered by both cloud providers and third parties, and even authored by enterprises, and delivered through generic, Web-like APIs.

cloud app trends

3.  Native apps will decrease

In the coming years, we’ll see a shake-up in the mobile platform landscape. New platforms will arise, while popular choices will decrease. The unpredictability in the mobile platform landscape, incorporated with the expanding capacities of the web will bring about a decrease in native mobile apps. Specifically in business world, designers will significantly stay clear of the dangers of native apps and accept the versatility of mobile web apps.

4.More kinds of connected objects

Google just recently bought smart appliance maker Nest, after Nest released a smoke detector controlled entirely by a smartphone app. Samsung also recently released a washing machine controlled by Wi-Fi. In addition to smart TVs and video game consoles, 2014 should see a boom in more connected objects in the household such as appliances, as technology improves and companies start to play with the possibilities of the ‘Internet of Things.’

App Development Trends

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling can be useful in design at times when you want to tell a story or add depth and movement to images. It brings a definite “wow” factor to an application. And, it helps keep visitors on a web page longer because they’re curious and it’s a novelty. One of the pitfalls you can encounter if you build a parallax site is that the interface can get too complicated for the user to comprehend. Page load times can be so long that a good number of visitors get frustrated and leave the page before they know what they’re waiting for. It’s also more of a challenge to use when designing for responsive applications.

This post is just a brief introduction to the Mobile Development SolutionsNowadays businesses have the necessity to go mobile. We are your partner in analyzing business to match your timeline and eCommerce app development trends in next few years , but please feel free to contact our team and send us an email if you are interested in find out more about these various options or have a mobile development project idea. We are looking forwards to hearing from you!

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