The Reason About App Abandonment

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With the increasing number of apps, it is getting more difficult for users to find a certain app. It means, Mobile Development SolutionsNowadays businesses have the necessity to go mobile. We are your partner in analyzing business to match your timeline and eCommerce app developers will spend more on finding users rather than technology. For example, if an app could capture a large amount of eyes years ago, it would not have the same quantities of users now. In mobile internet era, developers are keen on finding new ways to attract users, including offline ads, TV ads, Bus ads… App ads can be seen everywhere, and nearly all kinds of promoting resources are depleted. The entrance of apps are getting less that before. In order to achieve business goals, developers have to go offline.

In fact, developers usually devote 80% of their energy on attracting users. Many companies hire more people to promote the app than development or  maintenance. Exactly, each app may has its own problems, which are more likely to lose users.

app installation failed

A research about a kind of app shows that it loses about 2 hundred thousand people just because the installation and uninstallation. Furthermore, 4 kinds of mobile phones are failed to run. It also causes about 5.5 million people abandon the app. That means, the problem of campat lose about 5.7 million people in total. Its amazing! And the test is only for 148 kinds of mobile phones. If an app can obtain 50 thousand people per day to download it, it will takes 4 months to  accumulate  5 million people, and 20 million users a year, 40 million in 2 year. In apps market, not more than 100 apps are downloaded by 40 million times. If the app must be paid for download for 2$, it will lose  40$ million per year. And the salary for a marketing specialist is only for 10 thousand. If we repair the  compatibility issues,  we don’t need hundreds of people to promote the app any more. So, preventing users from abandoning the app is more important than the entrance to find it.

app abandonment

There are still other issues for an app such as long launch time, slow reaction, occupy more memory, consume more traffic and so on. All these issues probably have bad influences for users and may cause app abandonment. Are they difficult to fix? Another example about the problem of installation failed is the camera. To fix the problem, we just need to add few simple lines of codes. It will obtain thousands of users after that. The compatibility issues may cause more abandonment relative to the installation. Many issues are about the logic of codes any they are easy to fix.

Above all, the main reason for app abandonment is the quality itself. Successful Installation is the first step, which will affect the conversion directly. The number of download is not equal to activation. People who don’t use some kinds of apps may not because they don’t like them, perhaps they couldn’t finish the installation. In the actual conditions, the conversion are less than 30%, and it will become less and less with the long term maintenance. As a result, prevent users from abandoning the app for technology reason while promote them, and we will win more users.


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