Cross-border eCommerce for Chinese Brand going Overseas using Shopify Advanced

B2CCross-borderLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
United States
B2CCross-borderLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
United States


China is currently the world's largest producer of lab-grown diamonds. Zaiyou Jewelry is a Chinese designer jewelry brand that uses lab-grown diamonds as its main element, and its designs has received many international recognitions. In 2023, the brand decided to go overseas to the United States, deciding on Shopify US Localization for its Cross-border strategy, and to take its dazzling, high-quality, and affordable diamond jewelry to the international scene.


It is not easy for a Chinese brand to build up its brand image and gain consumers' trust in the highly competitive US Jewelry and Accessories Market, especially at initial stages. When selling high-value customized diamonds and other goods through cross-border eCommerce, vendors have to consider cross-border logistics, tariffs, privacy data and many other complex factors, so as to dispel consumers' worries about cross-border product protection.

Service & Solution

Using Shopify as a Cross-border solution, TMO builds branded standalone eCommerce websites for clients, provides access strategies for the US market and optimizes their Shopify store localization, configuring them with local currencies, among other features. TMO also provides UI/UX Design, SEO & SEM Digital Marketing planning, as well as other services to meet the aesthetics of American consumers. TMO's internationalization team provides brands with one-stop solutions, from Website Construction to subsequent Operation and Maintenance.

Shopify Cross-border Strategy, Consulting and Compliance

Overseas cross-border eCommerce implies a greater number of considerations such as Customs Entry Guidelines, International Logistics Strategy, cross-border Payment Cash Flow Direction, Taxation and so on. For the American markets, where data security regulations are strict, we need to pay particular attention to privacy compliance. As a team with rich experience in international projects, TMO helps clients to sort out and clear up all the key overseas processes, and to protect the interests of the brand by scrutinizing the user agreement, tax terms, and cross-border return and exchange process rules on the basis of compliance.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers and Identifying Brand Positioning in International Markets

Zaiyou, as a Chinese brand entering the American jewelry and accessories market for the first time, needed to quickly establish its brand image and gain consumers' trust. In the context of American audiences pursuing environmental friendliness, diversity, and individual expression, TMO provided the client with detailed Market and Competitor Research, combined with Zaiyou's unique brand values–"it's all about YOU". TMO helps clients quickly open up international market awareness by integrating brand positioning into eCommerce Design, Content, and Marketing Planning.

Fast eCommerce launch, Localized Payment, Logistics, and other Integrations

TMO helps clients quickly build, configure and launch their websites. Based on the complex and diverse product categories of Jewelry and Diamond products, we provide clear user navigation settings. Using the lightweight third-party service integration of Shopify’s Advanced Plan, TMO seamlessly integrated a number of international payment options and international logistics services for the US-independent shop, and also configured customized processes, booking options, promotions, etc. for the special characteristics of jewelry products to build a smooth and trustworthy shopping experience for international users.

Creating UI/UX Design that Meets the habits of American users

Based on the preferences of American users, TMO designed a simple and breathable layout for the client's eCommerce website, and used a variety of model images that show the texture of real skin, emphasizing the brand's value of returning to oneself. The "customization process page" for diamond products uses visual elements to highlight options, helping consumers understand and increase conversions. The standalone eCommerce emphasizes the email subscription feature that American users are accustomed to, and customizes the event page for Black Friday and other seasonal promotions to increase conversions.

International SEO/SEM Marketing

TMO customized a year-round international digital marketing strategy for the client, implementing a full-site SEO framework focusing on Google, and leveraging Shopify’s SEO-friendly standard URL definition and other features to enable the Shopify Cross-border platform to rank quickly. At the same time, we established multi-channel overseas paid advertising creative for our client, laying out visual ads, retargeting ads, etc. to realize multi-channel traffic diversion.

Internationalization Team, with Timely and Comprehensive Operation/Maintenance

TMO's diverse team performs monthly operation and maintenance and marketing activities of overseas independent websites for clients. TMO's Internationalization Team is familiar with overseas markets and user behaviors, and designs monthly promotional calendars and plans corresponding marketing activities such as Black Friday and Christmas sales, including relevant store updates, marketing content writing, and promotional advertisement execution, etc., so as to promote the sustained growth of the client's business.

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