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B2CBusiness AnalysisStrategy
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Founded in 1995, BYHEALTH is a leading Dietary Supplement brand from China. In 2018 BYHEALTH acquired Life-Space Probiotics, Australia's premier broad-spectrum probiotic brand.

Life-Space is present on the main eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia and wanted to track cross-border sales data across several SEA countries to identify best-selling products on popular marketplaces, keeping up with the changing trends in the overall Healthcare & Probiotics markets which assist in business decision-making.


Countries and marketplaces in Southeast Asia have different and complex classification standards for healthcare products. Being a relatively small market, Probiotics’ product classification in SEA is not yet mature, and scattered sales data complicates organizing and analyzing sales performance and the competitive landscape.

Service & Solution

TMO supported BYHEALTH with year-round marketplace data monitoring, tracking monthly market share, price ranges, and other category data collected from country-specific platforms for the client's healthcare products. TMO also provides stage-by-stage visual eCommerce market reports which support the client's future product development and overseas expansion decisions.

Custom Data Architecture with a high level of Granularity

BYHEALTH’s eCommerce monitoring needs called for creating a customized data structure that broke down the long-term sales data monitoring into four levels of categories, allowing the brand to track specific ingredients relevant to its products to grasp consumer preferences.

Customized Industry Reports, Visualization, and Expert Insights

Not only did TMO provide easy-to-analyze eCommerce datasets, but also visual reports based on periodical data. These market reports include easy-to-understand tables and charts, pictures of best-selling products, real consumer reviews, and more. Based on years of experience in healthcare-specific eCommerce, TMO delivers analytical insights from major segments to provide reference for the brand’s product placement strategy.

Rationalized and Standardized Classification & Analysis of Healthcare Products

Segment categories such as Probiotics are not yet maturely classified in Southeast Asian eCommerce. Thanks to extensive experience in eCommerce for Health Supplements, TMO draws on the consumer dimensions from different markets to establish a relatively rationalized and standardized classification. This enables BYHEALTH to quickly sort out the sales of sub-categories and form analytical results with reference values.

Stage-by-Stage Data Monitoring to grasp New Market Trends in real-time

TMO provides BYHEALTH with cyclical real-time market data–including sales volume, SKUs, best-selling products, and other dimensions of the target nutraceutical categories–helping the brand grasp market trends and growth, as well as changes in the competitive landscape and consumer demand.

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