Long-term Data Monitoring for Health Supplements in Southeast Asia

B2BBusiness AnalysisStrategy
B2BBusiness AnalysisStrategy


Established in 1973 and headquartered in Paris, France, Sanofi is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio globally, including renowned brands Lantus, Dupixent, Aubagio, Cerezyme, and Fluzone.

Entering the target markets in Southeast Asia, the client wishes to gather sales data of specific categories in the online health supplement market on mainstream eCommerce platforms. This will help them understand the competitive landscape and guide their operational strategy.


In the Southeast Asian eCommerce market, especially in the health supplement category, the classification standards vary among different countries and platforms, resulting in highly dispersed data. And internal classification of Sanofi’s products differs from the common standard in the market. In addition, the large amount of data requires high-quality data cleaning and analysis to obtain accurate insights.

Service & Solution

Following in-depth discussions, TMO has developed a customized data architecture for Sanofi. From perspectives catering to the client’s needs, TMO monitors the data performance of Sanofi’s target countries, categories, competitor brands, and stores. This provides data-driven guidance for the brand’s expansion into Southeast Asian markets.

Long-Term Real-time Data Monitoring

TMO provides customers with monthly real-time data, including sales volume, sales revenue, SKU, price, popular products, and analysis of popular brands in the target health product category, helping the client capture market trends.

Customized Data across Multiple Dimensions

Based on Sanofi's strategic needs, we analyze sales data for specific health supplement categories in different markets and customize adjustable data granularity. Also, we monitored the sales performance of competitor brands in these markets. At the store level, TMO also meets the client's need to distinguish between local and cross-border stores to provide more insightful references.

Precise Algorithms and Standardized Classification

In Southeast Asia, the differences in function definitions, product classifications, search terms, etc. among different countries and platforms have increased the difficulty of data analysis. TMO has years of experience in analyzing the health supplements market. By referring to the different consumer dimensions in multiple markets, we formulate standardized categories including health benefits, ingredients, and target groups. In addition, with the use of algorithms that have been fine-tuned over the long term, data bias is reduced to meet customers' analytical needs.

Standardized Workflow with Exclusive Data Account for the Client

In the early stages of service, TMO defines a series of key indicators together with the client based on a standard workflow. This includes target market, category, data delivery structure, report format, etc. During the service process, we establish an exclusive data account for the client, allowing them to download their data reports at any time in TMO’s data platform.

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