Use AEM to Create Excellent Mobile Experiences for Chinese Users and Rollout to Overseas Markets.

B2BDevelopmentLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)
B2BDevelopmentLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Atlas Copco is a global industrial corporation founded in 1873. It has customers from over 180 countries. In 2021, it had annual revenue of 11 billion Euros, making it the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing solutions provider.

As a subsidiary of Atlas Copco, Edwards is a leading global company in vacuum and emissions reduction, with a history of over 100 years. It specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of vacuum technology and vacuum pumping equipment.


The increasing trend of mobile device usage has prompted Atlas Copco to build a mobile brand website that caters to the habits of Chinese users and seamlessly integrates into China's unique online ecosystem. This allows the client to utilize social channels such as WeChat to boost online sales. Especially for Edwards' potential B2B customer base, providing a smooth and convenient mobile experience is crucial.

Service & Solution

TMO first analyzed Edwards' past website data and workflows using Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 4. Based on these insights, TMO developed a unique mobile strategy for Edwards, utilizing Adobe Experience Manager to build an independent mobile web app. Tailored to the client’s B2B nature, a customized mobile UX/UI design has been created, featuring convenient workflows and comfortable user journeys.

Building a Mobile Experience dedicated for B2B Clients

TMO developed a unique mobile strategy whose crucial part was the creation of streamlined menu navigation that emphasizes four key navigation nodes, each featuring a clear call to action. This approach guides users efficiently toward their desired actions, such as product inquiries or purchases. To enhance the product browsing experience, TMO optimized product overview pages and sliders to ensure users don't overlook important content. Mobile videos were optimized and product detail pages were compressed for quicker loading and better performance, thereby improving user retention.

Customized Components for Better UIUX Functionalities

TMO has developed customized components for the Edwards mobile web app, including product image carousel components with different background colors, and a collapsible filter panel for the application knowledge hub. These enhancements aim to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly mobile experience.

Connect through WeChat, Integrating into Local Social Media

In an effort to reach a broader audience, TMO fully integrated the WeChat social media channel for Edwards, incorporating China's unique and vibrant social media ecosystem. This helps the client to extend their brand reach and engagement in this key market.

Adapt to the Browsing Scenarios of Local Users

TMO helps Edwards actively integrate into the Chinese online ecosystem, ensuring that the mobile experience is compatible with popular browsing scenarios in China, such as UC Browser and WeChat built-in browser. This involves optimizing front-end HTML/CSS. Media optimization for Chinese browsers is also provided to enhance the browsing experiences.

Easily Roll out to Multiple Regions, including Germany

Atlas Copco will use the design theme from TMO globally to elevate its mobile user experience and has started its rollout to Germany. We use AEM to help clients conveniently roll out and manage websites in different regions and languages, efficiently maintaining a consistent brand image using a centralized content database.

Convenient Personalization and Third-party Integration with AEM

AEM's automatic configuration and out-of-the-box components can enable businesses to evaluate and create personalized experiences more quickly, meeting the needs of customers from different regions and demographic groups. AEM can also be integrated with other analytical tools by Adobe for personalized optimization. Its integrated third-party translation tool allows the client to quickly publish content to multiple sites in a wide range of languages.

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