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Efficient B2B eCommerce Expansion in Asia using Adobe Commerce

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B2BDevelopmentHostingStrategyUI/UX Design


Henry Schein Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: HSIC), a Fortune Global 500 company, is dedicated to providing dental and medical solutions to healthcare professionals around the world. As the largest dental equipment and supply distributor in the world, Henry Schein serves customers across multiple countries.


Using the Adobe Commerce (Magento) eCommerce framework, TMO has successfully built a digital-driven B2B eCommerce platform for Henry Schein. The platform covers UI design and workflow, core platform functions, and localization for local markets. It integrates online sales data with the company's internal processes to assist the client in efficient digital transformation.

Starting with China and Thailand, Henry Schein has now expanded its presence in Asia. In the latest iteration, TMO Group expanded the B2B eCommerce platform to Singapore and Malaysia, providing a localized and efficient online shopping experience for even more of Henry Schein's customers.

Service & Solution

To develop the Singapore and Malaysia sites, we utilized Henry Schein's common Southeast Asia eCommerce theme that we originally developed for the Thailand platform. However, we had to fully customize the new sites to include unique localization functions and UI/UX design. With a fully country-specific front end, Henry Schein enjoys flexibility that's essential for regional expansion. Meanwhile, a global unified backend enables the company to manage sales and operations in different countries and implement unified policies and settings where needed.

Efficient Expansion to Asia for B2B eCommerce

Henry Schein uses Adobe Commerce (Magento) as its eCommerce framework for the Asian region. This powerful eCommerce system has centralized development, deployment, IT support, and core architecture, while still allowing for implementation and operation details to follow local requirements. TMO developed Henry Schein's Thailand site along with a universal framework to be used in other Southeast Asian countries. As a result, we only needed to develop and configure local modules to customize the experience for each country. Additionally, front-end design adjustments can be made according to the needs of the local operating team. By successfully implementing localized shopping experiences, we ensure efficient digital transformation for Henry Schein in multiple regions.

Localized B2B payment functionality and digital procurement

For the Singapore site, TMO has added multiple B2B payment methods that meet local payment preferences. These methods include PayPal, three offline payment options, and an application for enterprise credit limits. In addition, TMO has implemented advanced B2B procurement features, such as multi-person decision-making/multi-account procurement processes and negotiation processes – to followthe payment approval processes typical for corporate customers.

Maximum localization of UI/UX design and functional module configuration

Front-end design and functional configuration can be quickly adjusted according to the needs of the local operations team. This can include such changes as optimizing webpage color tones, improving site navigation, product view, and buttons’ CTA, making the purchasing experience of local B2B customers much smoother.

Certified Magento development team to meet diverse needs

As an Adobe-certified solution partner, TMO focuses on leveraging the powerful features of Adobe Commerce (Magento) to help businesses expand globally, adapt to various business models, and meet the diverse development needs of Henry Schein, assisting them in achieving innovative customer experiences.

Prioritizing mobile experience to ensure smooth browsing across devices

TMO prioritizes the mobile-first principle to ensure the best browsing experience across all devices, such as optimizing the marketing banner on Henry Schein's Singapore homepage to suit different screen sizes. When it comes to web applications (Webapp) used by customers on mobile devices, we focus on localized UI/UX design optimization to enhance the B2B properties, which can be integrated into marketing activities in the local social media ecosystem.

Empowering digital transformation, achieving business success at high speed

The highly flexible API structure integrates Henry Schein's business platform with various backend systems such as ERP, automating order fulfillment, digitizing financial information, inventory, and invoices. The digital product catalog provides both generic and personalized options to meet the needs of B2B/B2b customers. The B2B eCommerce platform realizes a series of processes from online communication to after-sales, collecting data feedback at different touchpoints to establish Henry Schein's data assets for future operation optimization.

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