Italian Luxury Fashion Brand goes Global with Custom and Localized eCommerce

B2CDevelopmentLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
B2CDevelopmentLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design


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Italian fashion brand Giada, part of Chinese Agency RedStone, wanted to further ground their position in Italy and prepare for global expansion. Besides localization advice, they wanted a separate invitation-only part for their website, suitable for the Italian and global market.

Service & Solution

We delivered a customized Magento 2 website in 3 months. Our design focused on projecting their luxury image, while providing a superior user experience. Furthermore, we gave Giada advice on website design, content and operation in the EU.

Tailored Design

We adapted the Magento workflow, introducing a vertically-oriented interface. Giada’s distinct style is clear in all elements, from backgrounds to buttons.

Invitation-only Landing Page

The landing page directs users to a clear invitation-only page where they can fill out their code for access.

Cross-border eCommerce Localization

We delivered a fully localized website. This included complying with Italy’s product return policies, the cookies and privacy policies, as well as local payment methods.

Automated Calculations

Automatic VAT calculations for all products are integrated. Since VAT is only calculated on goods within the EU, non-EU addresses directly see a 22% ‘discount’ on their products.

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