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B2BDevelopmentLocalization StrategyUI/UX Design
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Hailing from Texas in the US, Wilsonart is a global leader in engineered composite materials such as High Powered Laminates. The products it manufactures and distributes are used by businesses around the world on their worktops, walls and furniture in both offices and retail spaces.


Typically, Wilsonart’s B2B model required lengthy communications with their clients, in order to get to grips with the customers’ needs, and to have them understand the many configurable elements of Wilsonart’s product range. In this project, TMO aimed to provide the same level of customer education on the website without the need for drawn-out client meetings.

Service & Solution

TMO leveraged its years of experience as a one-stop eCommerce solutions provider to design a unique B2B eCommerce website for Wilsonart. Our design integrated two backends: WordPress, for sophisticated, professional, and accessible content management; and Magento2, for efficient and highly customizable product and sales pages.

Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 1 eCommerce architecture can no longer meet modern and future operational needs. We reconstructed the technical architecture based on Magento 2 for Wilsonart, integrating the multiple original product databases into one, and planning multiple database migration plans to provide a better business UX.

Configurable Frontend

Full CMS block customization lets visitors to the site re-theme the site as they see fit, to make browsing easier on the eyes, or just to pick a style that they think looks best.

Custom-Fitted Visual Design

We adapted Wilsonart’s existing visual style and branding to fit the new website design and the Material Design system, helping users browse through the full and easy-to-navigate catalog of 600+ configurable products and services in style.

Integrated Backend

Magento2 + Wordpress seamlessly integrated into one smooth and fully featured UX. This allowed us to fit the site with both a fast and smooth browsing/shopping experience, and explanations of the company and its products presented in an attractive and welcoming way. The latter required the use of 20+ custom models on Wordpress!

B2B Digital Showroom

We crafted online, interactive visual elements that showcase Wilsonart’s various products in real-world settings, to quickly communicate the many uses and benefits of the product catalog on offer.

Streamlined Sample Orders

We helped Wilson Art to set up a comprehensive sample-ordering system to help make the process easy for customers wanting to check samples before contacting Wilsonart to make a purchase. This meant utilizing the kind of shopping cart functionality that has become standard in B2C eCommerce, and applying it to this highly specialized B2B sphere.

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