TMO Group Signs Contract with Sanofi, Offering eCommerce Data Services

TMO Group TMO Group

April 2023 – TMO Group, in collaboration with UK consultancy Brand Catalyser, offers tailored eCommerce data analysis and marketing consulting services for Sanofi, and a service agreement has been signed.

Established in 1973 and headquartered in Paris, France, Sanofi is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, specializing in the research, development, production, and sale of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and more. The company boasts an extensive product portfolio globally, including renowned brands Lantus, Dupixent, Aubagio, Cerezyme, and Fluzone.

Following in-depth discussions, TMO has developed a customized data architecture for Sanofi, providing data-driven guidance for the brand’s expansion into Southeast Asian markets.

TMO’s cross-border eCommerce data research for Sanofi encompasses the market landscape of popular Southeast Asian countries, the market size and potential of the health supplement category in each country, multi-platform channel insights, and competitive analysis. Leveraging our extensive experience in Southeast Asian eCommerce, TMO offers the client detailed data, comprehensive reports, insights, and recommendations.

In addition to Sanofi, TMO has served numerous domestic and international brands such as Swisse and Nanfu, providing eCommerce entry strategy and Data ServiceWe provide you with professional data research and analysis for Southeast Asia and China eCommerce. Information includes sales volume, market size, segmentation, brand, merchant, share and price.customized data services for the Southeast Asia markets. Our wealth of eCommerce market data and industry insights focuses on the health and beauty sectors. If you have any related needs, please feel free to Contact UsWant to know more about our E-Commerce solutions? Interested in creating a multi-channel strategy? Contact our E-commerce agency in Shanghai Hong Kong Amsterdamcontact us!


Success cases:

NANFU BATTERYUncovering opportunities and market potential in Southeast Asia for one of China’s largest battery manufacturers.Nanfu Battery

SwisseThe research TMO did for Swisse covered the cross-border eCommerce landscape of popular South East Asian countries, the market size of health supplements, multichannel landscape, competitor analysis, and much more.Swisse 

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