TMO Group shared Pet eCommerce insights for Southeast Asia at PIIS 2024

TMO GroupJanuary 16, 2024
TMO Group shared Pet eCommerce insights for Southeast Asia at PIIS 2024

The 4th PIIS Pet Industry Innovation Summit, focusing on content exchanges between pet food and pet product brands and high-quality cross-border decision-makers, was held in Shanghai from January 10 to 12. TMO Group was invited to participate and share data Insights on the Pet eCommerce Market in Southeast Asia, as well as suggestions for brands’ overseas strategies.

Although the epidemic has cooled down the consumer market, the popularity of the pet market cannot be underestimated in both the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. How can brands adapt to the needs of a new generation of rational consumers? The conference started discussions from four major sections: Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Cross-border Innovation, and Packaging Design Innovation.

TMO Group shared the Southeast Asian pet e-commerce market at the PIIS Pet Industry Innovation Forum

TMO Business Manager Catherine shares the Southeast Asian pet eCommerce market insights

In the cross-border innovation section, TMO Group Business Manager Catherine served as a guest speaker and shared an analysis of the eCommerce landscape of the Southeast Asian pet market on January 12. Focusing on the data insights from the two most popular platforms, Shopee and Lazada, she introduced the overview and potential of each country in the Southeast Asian pet market, pet best-selling categories and sub-categories analysis, hot-selling products, etc.

The 4th PIIS Pet Industry Innovation Forum invited more than 150 institutions and planned more than 70 in-depth discussions on topics. Other sharing guests include Xu Haifeng, Head of Dewu's Pet Category of Dewu; Wu Yi, Head of Pet Science at the National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center; Liu Jin, Chief Analyst at Euromonitor; and Zhang Mengni, Head of Product Development at NetEase Tiancheng, among others.

In addition to TMO Group's sharing, the conference also included topics such as new pet consumption trends in 2024 under consumer big data, healthy voice of natural pet food ingredients, pet food market trends in the Asia-Pacific region, insights into the current situation and strategies of overseas companies in China's key industries, etc. Attendees gained valuable insights in their respective areas of concern and gained a lot.

PIIS Pet Industry Innovation Forum was a hot event

PIIS Pet Industry Innovation Summit was a successful event

TMO Group Business Manager Catherine's speech was led by eCommerce data analysis, showing the pet industry market in Southeast Asia, including the total market size of each country, best-selling categories and price analysis, potential highlights of the six Southeast Asian countries, TOP5 best-selling products in various categories, etc. The TMO team also analyzed the different characteristics of the pet market in Southeast Asian countries for the brand based on the sales rate and average price data, as well as the development trends of diversified and healthy sub-categories.

Catherine shares the pet e-commerce market in Southeast Asia

Having been deeply involved in the Southeast Asian eCommerce market for a long time, TMO's speech was based on the latest sales data of popular platforms Shopee & Lazada collected by TMO's eCommerce Data team, showing the audience the strong potential of Southeast Asia as a destination for brands to go overseas.

eCommerce Data Collection Services

The insights shared in the 2024 Pet Industry Innovation Summit are enabled by our eCommerce monitoring and market intelligence data services, where we collect data from platforms like Shopee and Lazada across the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and The Philippines markets.

If you want to know more about the eCommerce data of countries in Southeast Asia, you can also download our Southeast Asia eCommerce Market Data Reports which are released every month and provide insight into several SEA markets, or learn about our eCommerce Data Services that provide reference for Southeast Asian brands going overseas. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us .

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