Data makes it possible for us to understand this ever-changing world, it also allows and inspires our customers to make smarter business decisions.

At TMO Group, we study a wide range of markets and carry out long-term data monitoring and collection. It is conducted on various eCommerce platforms within and beyond China, offering trusted insights to help you identify current eCommerce trends. Our findings will also guide you in understanding consumer behavior, verifying your position in different markets across regions, and exploring other opportunities to boost your business prospects.  

Become a long-term subscriber or request customized data reports to gain such insights into your industry.

Market Coverage

South East Asia

We cover mainstream eCommerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, including various industries and sub-categories across South East Asian countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.


We cover mainstream eCommerce platforms like Taobao, Tmall,, including various industries and sub-categories.

In-depth industry vertical database – Health supplement

We have years of experience in analyzing the health supplements market. By referring to the different consumer dimensions in markets including Europe, America, China, and South East Asia, we formulate standardized categories including health benefits, ingredients, and target groups. Therefore, we can offer brands, suppliers, sellers, and other parties a detailed analysis of various industries and consumer trends.

Platform Coverage for Health Supplements

  • Chinese Domestic and overseas eCommerce platforms: Taobao and Tmall
  • South East Asian eCommerce platforms: Shopee and Lazada




Our Services


Data Check

A snapshot of the current market according to your needs: Sales and Brand data for a specific industry or region on a monthly basis from our database.


Market Scan

A preliminary eCommerce market scan of different countries for your industry. Identify opportunities and competition level in the target markets, pinpoint the best markets for your business to expand into.


Long-Term Data Monitoring

Through periodic market monitoring, we help you to grasp the annual market trend and growth, changes within the competitive landscape, the performance of major players, and shifts in consumer demands.


Data Consulting

Data consulting on designing the data matrix that fit your business requirements. Provide you with professional analysis and insights on historical market performance and future expectations.

Stay Informed With Our Data Packs

We publish a number of data reports monthly and annually, covering Chinese domestic and cross-border eCommerce sales figures. Our findings are presented in the form of digestible paragraphs that are accompanied by visuals and charts to help you navigate the latest market trends and consumer behavior.

  • Chinese eCommerce platforms for health supplements: Taobao and Tmall
  • Chinese eCommerce platforms for beauty products: Taobao and Tmall
  • South East Asian eCommerce platforms: Shopee and Lazada (Cross-border eCommerce)

Download: China Cross-Border Health Supplements Data Packs

Types of Data



Datasets including industry market size, category segmentation, market share and price range. These extensive data help you understand consumer behavior within a particular category.



Analyzing the performance of key players, to understand what they are doing, what successes have they achieved and how they have performed during important eCommerce festivals.


Shops and Sellers

Understand the operational strategy of the target stores on product selection, price setting, SKU, etc. Business models between cross-border and domestic shops are also compared to explore sales channels and distribution possibilities.



Data mining of top-selling products and new product database, showing you the models of popular products and what new products have been launched, along with their ratings.

Opportunities and predictions: What will happen next? Which industries will experience growth? What other business opportunities are lying in wait?

Obtain Your Data in Different Forms


Customized Excel Reports

Contain all raw data of the final report, and detailed information about the consumers, helping you to target the right consumer groups.


PDF Reports

Our comprehensive reports are easily accessible and include more than 60 pages of data and insights along with easy-to-understand charts, tables, and illustrations.


PowerPoint Presentations

Our presentations are neatly summarized to contain key trends and observations, suitable for showing important highlights.



We offer key findings about the market and industry trends in the form of infographics, which can be used in emails and presentations.