Discovering eCommerce opportunities and market potential in Southeast Asia for one of China’s largest battery manufacturers.
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Sea eCommerce Market Research-Intro-NANFU BATTERY


Southeast Asia (SEA) is full of opportunities and Nanfu Battery’s global expansion first looked to this region. Due to the countries’ different political systems, fragmented markets, limited available data and information Nanfu needed an in-depth look at the markets before taking a strategic decision.


TMO Group conducted a research into 6 countries: India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. By looking at each country from different angles, from market entry and distribution strategies to eCommerce platforms, including competitors and their business models, prices and products, online and offline sales channels, as well as consumer behavior we delivered an in-depth report. Keeping market potential in mind, we listed clear steps for Nanfu’s global expansion!

Country Overview

We provided comprehensive country overviews including statistics such as GDP, internet and mobile penetration rates, income and expenditure levels. We combined this with other relevant country-specific characteristics such as local eCommerce marketplaces, import policies and regulations to give a complete image of a country’s potential.

Analyzing Market Potential

Based on quantitative data research methods, we looked at market size and potential for specific product categories. Taking into account the competitive environment, eCommerce maturity and pricing tiers we determined success rates.

Consumer Behavioral Research

Talking to specialists and consumers of each country, we put together detailed consumer profiles. This included details of online and offline behavior such as online average spending, attitudes towards imported Chinese products, shipping and payment habits. By analyzing specific product categories, we further uncovered consumer preferences.

Business Models Investigation

International and local competitors’ business models provided an idea of the ease of entry and local market possibilities. We listed online and offline sales channels, for example the offline distributors or online flagship stores of main competitors.