Build B2B Mobile User Experience in China for MNC Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
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Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of industrial production solutions. Over the years, Atlas Copco has consistently held the top position of production and market share of screw compressors.

Leybold, acquired by Atlas Copco, is a vacuum technology solutions provider with almost 170 years of history. After AEM was implemented globally by Atlas Copco two years ago, it observed substantial growth in mobile users. Therefore, it decided to develop an official Chinese mobile website with an optimized B2B mobile user experience for Leybold.


Mobile user experience plays a huge part in influencing consumer behavior in China. Atlas Copco realized that responsive mobile websites could no longer satisfy the browsing habits of Chinese B2B users.

Compared to the western world, China has a wholly different internet ecosystem with unique social media, search engines, browsers, and traffic sources. Multinational enterprises need to work with development teams that have extensive localization experience to thrive within China’s digital landscape.


We built an independent mobile web app based on AEM for Leybold. By focusing on the client’s B2B nature, we carried out localized UI/UX design optimization, development, and implementation. The web app can also be integrated into promotional campaigns on China’s social media platforms. In the future, Atlas Copco will use the design theme globally to elevate its mobile user experience.

Mobile Display

User-Friendly Mobile UX Strategy

Based on past data and user behavior, our mobile UX strategy is to create an enjoyable digital journey that complements users’ habits. We analyzed Atlas Copco’s user experience and workflow through historical data. Following that, we re-created the core and mobile menu navigation.

Building a Mobile Experience dedicated for B2B Clients

We performed in-depth mobile UI/UX optimization for our client to target Chinese B2B customers. This includes:

  • Fully dedicated menu bar optimized for mobile users
  • Reinvented mobile navigation & key actions
  • Optimized category and product pages for quick mobile browsing
  • 1-click Contact us & Inquiry button
  • Full optimization and compression of Core Service & Market pages
  • Localization and business compliance

    Based on years of experience in localization projects, we provide guidance for the client to comply with Chinese policies such as the Personal Information Protection Law and regulations for managing data processing and security issues in China. This lays the foundation for smooth project operation.

    Blending in With a Multichannel Strategy

    Atlas Copco’s mobile website is linked with domestic social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and QQ to facilitate content sharing. This allows our client to execute marketing campaigns that are targeted toward mobile users and develop more channels for lead generation.

    Optimizing component structure from the development side

    This web app is developed with Java, HTL, ReactJS, HTML, and CSS. The web components must remain consistent with those of Atlas Copco’s numerous brand sites. They should also share the same brand assets and even inherit the logic of development from multiple projects.

    TMO Group’s international development team has adapted and optimized complex project components by streamlining the design. Furthermore, the team ensured that the website’s desktop view is not affected by optimization on the mobile side.

    Project coordination with global teams

    Atlas Copco’s business and teams are spread across multiple countries and regions. We are experienced in working with multinational companies and meeting demands effectively. In this project, we collaborated with the client's multiple teams in Europe, UK, and China.

    Out-Of-The-Box Components for fast launch

    By utilizing AEM’s out-of-the-box components, we managed to reduce development costs and time for Atlas Copco. At the same time, we helped our client to upload images, videos, and other digital assets to a global database for standardized management.