Developing an online insurance activation store with all necessary customer services
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Allianz Sony needed a customized, responsive website for the Hong Kong market. Customers should be able to create a free account and easily purchase or upgrade their mobile insurance package. Realizing a clear landing page, with all necessary functionalities while ensuring high conversion was key.


We delivered a bilingual desktop, tablet and mobile responsive website with an intuitive insurance product wizard. Customers can easily choose or adjust a suitable insurance package for their mobile phone.

Desktop Design

Cloud Hosting Services-Desktop Design-ALLIANZ SONY
Cloud Hosting Services-Desktop Design-1-ALLIANZ SONY

Mobile Responsive Design

eCommerce Store Development-Mobile Responsive Design-ALLIANZ SONY

Activated Product Verification

Customers only need to insert their phone model, IMEI number and date of purchase. The system will automatically verify and activate their product, and suggest the most suitable insurance package.

Intuitive Product Wizard

A streamlined shopping experience in 3 steps: Product Purchase - Personal Information - Payment Confirmation. The clear interface makes the process quick and avoids distractions for customers.

API Integration with Allianz Insurance Platform

Integration with Allianz Sony’s own API ensures that data and marketing features such as coupon codes, mobile IMEI numbers, customer information work correctly and are authentic.

Secure Payment Integration

With PayPal Hong Kong and PayPal Pro Hosted, customers can securely complete their transactions. PayPal Pro Hosted is only available in a few countries and enables a customized payment environment that resembles the brand's website.

Cloud Hosting Services

We provided cloud hosting and maintenance services, as well as after-sales and technical support through a monthly SLA (Service Level Agreement) after the project launch. Integrating Varnish and Redis optimizes the website performance and improves consumer experiences.