ShopNow Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce service designed and optimized for China market. We combine industry-leading technology with commerce innovation adapting to the China eCommerce ecosystem. With the cross-border eCommerce (import to China) functionalities, cloud eCommerce will offer a fast-to-market online solution while being beneficial to the China latest customs policy.  ShopNow Cloud will serve as the foundation of your success in China.

Coming with the cloud solution, ShopNow Cloud provides you with a fully tested, maintained and operational eCommerce platform. Your business will be able to deliver new features and functionality to your Chinese customers – faster, more cost-effective, and with higher quality.

ShopNow Cloud Highlights

Fully China localized strategy

From China specific UI/UX design to China payment getaway, from China cloud infrastructure to Chinese logistics tracking, we help you meet the local market needs.

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Mobile Centric approach

China eCommerce shoppers are mobile savvy and ShopNow Cloud will offer the best mobile shopping experience for them. We bring convenience to your customers through mobile registration/login, SMS & Wechat transactional messaging (register, shipping, billing..).


Highly converted UI/UX design

Through the years of continuously design testing & work flow optimizations of, we understand the “happy path” for Chinese consumer, we keep updating the platform design to ensure every user interaction will benefit your conversion.

Cross device interaction

With the unified user login, it enables the synchronization of the user info (social data, order history, shopping preferences) through different channels (Mobile app, WeChat official account, desktop website), and bring more convenience to the seamless shopping experience.

From the back office the data and services can be leveraged across the channels. Unified view of data representing customers, products, prices, orders, promotions, inventory, interactions and stores. For you to know your customer better, optimize the customer engagement and increase their life time value.

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Wechat adaption

We fully integrate the WeChat functions in ShopNow Cloud to maximize the full potential of your social eCommerce.

The featured functions are : WeChat log-in and WeChat Pay, WeChat user authorization, WeChat messaging and other extendable marketing function as Voice recognition, Viral coupon, Gift card, Custom menu, LBS (Location-based services) and customer service, advanced analytics.

It perfectly compatible with a variety of Android and IOS system mobile browser. For business to create the most complete eCommerce operating system through Wechat.


Enterprise ready solution

Multi-Brand, Multi-Site. And your future Global Expansion. One common infrastructure across all of them.

By ensuring consistent integration and business processes, you launch new stores as frequently as needed to maximize the impact of syncing content across brands, websites, categories, online product catalogs, and consumer experiences.

With the RMA, Royalty program, Drop shopping features enables the operation automation.

Backend multi-language support gives easy communication, understanding and management of the online business through your intentional teams.

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