TMO Group Presented at Probiotics 2023 International Industry Conference

TMO GroupAugust 10, 2023
TMO Group Presented at Probiotics 2023 International Industry Conference

In recent years, along with consumers' awareness on intestinal health and immune system upgrades, probiotic nutritional supplements have become a popular choice. Not only is the development of probiotic strains a hotter topic, but the application scope of probiotics is also gradually breaking through the barriers of categories.

On June 20, 2023, the "Probiotics 2023 China International Probiotic Industry Seminar" organized by the International Probiotic Association (IPA) and the US-China Health Products Association (HPA) was held. The conference invited 7 industry guests to introduce probiotics-related research, functions, applications and market trends. As a guest speaker, Jing Zhou, Business Director of TMO Group, shared the latest probiotic eCommerce market trends in China and Southeast Asia.

The speakers of this conference included George Paraskevakos, executive director of IPA, Gao Wei, director of microbiome products in ADM North Asia, Hao Zhanxi, vice president of Juneyao Runying Research Institute.

A wide range of topics was covered at the event. Mr. George Paraskevakos shared the positive development trend of global probiotics market in 2023, among which China's probiotics market is growing at a gratifying rate. Hao Zhanxi from the JuneYao Runying Research Institute, introduced the heat-resistant probiotic Weizmannella coagulans BC-G44. Other topics include diversified immune health solutions, postbiotics and intestinal microecological health, and cultivating intestinal bacteria for weight management, greatly benefiting the audience.

TMO Group Shared Industry Trends at International Probiotics Industry Conference

Jing Zhou’s speech focused on the analysis of eCommerce data, showing China’s online probiotic supplement market and the sales trend of overseas brands entering the Chinese market, combined with best-selling brands, hot-selling ingredient lists, and consumer behavior insights.

The speech mainly covers three parts:

  • eCommerce Market of Overseas Probiotic Nutritional Supplements
  • Domestic and overseas probiotics eCommerce market trends and product analysis
  • Overview of the eCommerce market of probiotic health care products in Southeast Asia

Sharing of the probiotics eCommerce market trends

Overseas food & supplement market

TMO has served numerous international brands such as SwisseThrough customized data research and analytics, TMO helped Swisse understand the competitive landscape for the Health Supplements market in Southeast Asia.Swisse and Sanofi, providing eCommerce entry strategy and customized data services for the Southeast Asia markets. Our wealth of eCommerce market data and industry insights focuses on the health and beauty sectors. If you have any related needs, please feel free to contact us!

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