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On 24th of November 2021, TMO Group’s Business director Jing Zhou took part in the international forum ‘Manufacturing in China: status and trends’. Jing’s presentation “Scale your business through B2B e Commerce in China” was dedicated to the ways to take enterprises to the next level by expanding their online presence and implementing B2B eCommerce solutions.

The forum was held in Shanghai and organized by prominent law services provider “HanSheng Law Offices (HanSheng)”. Major event’s participants were representatives of foreign investors and Chinese manufacturing companies.

The main theme of the forum was “Manufacturing in China: industry lessons and outlook into 2022”. A panel of experts delivered a number of presentations aimed at deepening the understanding of the Chinese industrial landscape and enhancing prospects of international business relationships. Among notable speakers were:

  • Li Yuling, Senior Partner of Hansheng Law Firm (Shanghai)
  • Florian Weihard, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Ruhlamat Automation Technologies (Suzhou)
  • Claus Toxvig, President & CEO at Arenco Group (Shanghai)
  • Gerard van Swieten, Head of Investment and Managing Partner at Laursen van Swieten (Shanghai)


The meeting was kicked off by Li Yuling and her talk on “Production joint ventures”. She discussed in detail the opportunities for foreign investors to enter the Chinese manufacturing industry by setting up joint ventures.

In his presentation, called “Automation in China” Florian Weihard analyzed the state of development of automation technology in China, and the challenges faced by the industry. FInally, he presented the solutions that Ruhlamat offers in the field of automation and innovation.

The next topic, “Building Production enterprises in China” was presented by Claus Toxvig. Having gained an unmatched hands-on experience of establishing a manufacturing enterprises in China since 2003, he discussed the hardships and challenges of this process.

Gerard van Swieten has chosen “China Expansion of Tech Companies” as the topic of his presentation. Under this title he explored the Chinese market, supply chains, various policies and standards – from the perspective of his own experience. He presented a detailed practical plan aimed at the expansion of a Chinese technology company.

With her presentation “Scale your business through B2B e Commerce in China”, Jing Zhou introduced the landscape and main trends of China’s B2B eCommerce market, analyzed the most popular B2B eCommerce channels and models. Jing presented success stories of TMO’s clients, shared the recipes for setting up operations and marketing strategies.

We are happy to share Jing’s presentation with our readers.

Highlights of the forum:

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