TMO shared insights for Cosmetics Brands entering Southeast Asia

TMO GroupJuly 5, 2024
TMO shared insights for Cosmetics Brands entering Southeast Asia

On July 4-6, the SCBE 2024 (South China Beauty Expo) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which featured the "Pioneer Brands Going Global" Joint Exhibition hosted by KEV Beauty Circle and aimed at providing a platform for Cosmetics brands interested in expanding into overseas markets.

With the rise of Chinese brands in the global market, gaining a foothold in overseas markets and maximizing brand value has become a common focus for local brands. Within this context, TMO Group was invited to participate as a guest speaker, with a keynote on "Data Revealed—The Next Stop for Chinese Beauty Brands Going Overseas?" delivered by Business Director Jing Zhou on the first day of the exhibition.

In the speech, Jing analyzed the advantages of Southeast Asian eCommerce as a high-potential track for beauty brands conducting cross-border operations. She also delved into the market size and growth rate of high-potential countries, exploring key categories and best-selling brands, hot-selling products, and more.

On the 5th, TMO also shared eCommerce data insights on subcategories and hot-selling products in Southeast Asia's beauty market, focusing on analyzing subcategories such as Sunscreens, Facial Essences, and Facial Masks that are popular on Shopee and Lazada.

TMO Business Director Jing Zhou shared insights and trends for 2024

The "Pioneer Brands Going Global 2024" exhibition invited global Chinese brands such as INTO YOU Cosmetics, Freda, PEILAI, and PRAMY—among other institutions and platforms—as well as 10 expert guests to fully discuss key issues of brands going overseas. Other guest speakers included Zhao Yan, Director of the Planning Department at Rakuten Group's Shenzhen Branch Ryo Morikawa, CEO of C Channel Linshi Kaisha, Business Partner of NotJustAgency China Janelle, and Joseph, Manager of Beauty and Personal Care Investment at Shopee.

In addition to TMO Group’s presentation, the conference also included topics such as overseas influencer marketing strategies, opportunities for Chinese beauty brands in the Japanese eCommerce market, using content marketing to leverage the “going overseas to dig gold” path of domestic beauty products and new trends in brand international marketing, where participants gained valuable insights in their respective areas of concern.

TMO Group Shares Southeast Asian Beauty and Skincare eCommerce Market Data

Opportunities in SEA's Cosmetics Industry

Ms. Zhou Jing’s speech mainly focused on eCommerce data analysis, showing the high-potential market for domestic beauty products going overseas, specifically the Southeast Asia eCommerce market. The sharing included growth trends in major global beauty markets, analysis of hot-selling categories, best-selling brands and products in six Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore as well as opportunities for domestic beauty products in various markets. TMO's team also analyzed the real sales data of the three main categories of skin care products, cosmetics, and beauty tools on Shopee and Lazada, showing the market size, price analysis, and the top 5 best-selling products.

Finally, based on these insights, TMO Group summarized suggestions for domestic products to go overseas in Southeast Asia for the brands present:

  • In terms of categories, skincare products account for nearly 70% of the market share, among which sunscreen, after-sun care, and facial essence have the highest sales. Chinese brands have performed well in the field of beauty tools, which deserves the attention of brands.
  • As for brands, international head brands have high recognition, and local brands in Southeast Asia are also competitive.
  • Regarding Chinese brands, MAANGE, Wosado, Ulike, and MLEN DIARY have outstanding performance in the beauty tool market, and beauty devices and eyelash products are favored, providing a reference for brand selection.
Participants gained valuable insights in their respective areas of focus

Growing your Health & Beauty eCommerce Operation with TMO

TMO has been monitoring the Southeast Asian eCommerce market for a long time, as well as providing services from expert consultation and strategy definition to eCommerce development and marketing strategies for cross-border eCommerce, TMO Group has over 10 years of experience providing tailored Health & Beauty eCommerce Solutions to Global customers targeting the biggest markets in Asia.

If you want to explore how to optimize your online presence, please feel free contact us to discuss your project.

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