TMO Group shared B2B Lead Generation Insights at Cross-border themed Event

TMO GroupJune 4, 2024
TMO Group shared B2B Lead Generation Insights at Cross-border themed Event

On May 29, the "Assisting Enterprises with Cross-border Business" event hosted by Shanghai Zhongjiatong Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd. and DoBe Group took place in Shanghai, for which TMO Group was invited to share practical learnings on digital transformation and B2B lead generation best practices for enterprises on a keynote presented by TMO Business Director Jing Zhou.

"Digital Transformation of B2B Enterprises: Online Business Growth Practices" was the theme of the keynote.

In 2023, the total import and export volume of China's cross-border eCommerce market reached 2.38 trillion yuan. These Cross-border businesses will drive the transformation of traditional manufacturing and trading companies, injecting new impetus into global trade growth.

Furthermore, the scale of China's B2B e-commerce market amounted to 33.89 trillion yuan during 2023. With the continuous consolidation of online trading habits, the online penetration rate of the B2B industry will further increase, and companies will actively deploy online B2B marketing paths to release potential value.

In this context, Ms. Zhou Jing, an eCommerce Strategy and Digitalization expert, shared insights on the digitalization of B2B enterprises and the practice of online business growth in cross-border industries.

TMO Business Director Jing Zhou shared best practices for B2B digitalization

The guests benefited greatly from the two rounds of speeches. They also actively established connections with members of the 30+ participating companies from various fields such as finance, law, e-commerce, and logistics, hoping to use cross-border business to boost long-term growth. During the free exchange session, attendees explored conditions for future business cooperation.

Attendees also had the chance to discuss and exchange insights

Ms. Zhou Jing's speech focused on practical application, where she analyzed the latest Chinese B2B eCommerce market data and online marketing trends, putting forward key points and precautions for B2B enterprise digital maturity assessment and digital compliance review.

Regarding the practice of B2B online business growth, Ms. Zhou Jing focused on analyzing the online position of B2B marketing, as well as the increasingly diversified user search behavior and search channels. She provided SEM marketing statistics of B2B companies and finally, combined with TMO Group's actual customer cases, she provided practical references for B2B companies to implement digital transformation in China and overseas.

The speech covered several other insights:

  • China's B2B eCommerce and Marketing Landscape
  • How to evaluate the digital maturity of B2B enterprises
  • How to build a digital product system from scratch
  • Digital compliance review of B2B online business
  • Analysis of traffic acquisition practices (SEO/SEM and Social Media)
  • Case: TMO helps B2B companies with Digital Transformation in China and Overseas

Growing your B2B eCommerce Operation with TMO

From expert consultation and strategy definition for online B2B operations to eCommerce development and marketing strategies for lead generation, TMO Group has over 10 years of experience providing tailored B2B eCommerce Solutions to Global businesses and customers in Asia.

If you want to explore how to optimize your B2B online presence and fuel your digital transformation, please feel free contact us to discuss your project.

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