TMO Group shared Insights on Oral Beauty eCommerce at Industry Conference

TMO GroupJune 21, 2024
TMO Group shared Insights on Oral Beauty eCommerce at Industry Conference

In the so-called era of "Self-Care 2.0" in China, product categories related to appearance have driven trillion-level consumption growth, and "makeup and food from the same source"—stemming from the theory in traditional Chinese medicine that medicine and food have the same origin—has become an important trend in women's beauty consumption.

According to forecasts, the global Oral Beauty market will grow to 110.7 billion yuan in 2030. The female nutritional food market is booming. Against this background, FoodMate's Functional Food Circle and Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly held the "Women’s Nutritional Food Trend Insight Conference" during the "25th Health Natural Raw Materials, Food Ingredients China Exhibition" on June 19, 2024. TMO Group was invited to participate and share data insights on the Southeast Asian Oral Beauty eCommerce market, as well as suggestions for brand cross-border eCommerce strategies.

TMO Business Development Manager Catherine shared insights from the Oral Beauty Market

During TMO's guest speech, Business Development Manager Catherine shared data insights of popular marketplaces Shopee and Lazada, and introduced high-potential markets for Oral Beauty in Southeast Asia thanks to TMO Group's data research services including the analysis of high-growth categories of oral beauty, best-selling brands, and hot-selling products.

The 2024 Women's Nutrition Food Trend Insight Conference invited many experts from the women's nutrition related industries to share their experiences, and discussed from multiple perspectives such as raw material research and development, clinical demonstration, and consumer insights. Other sharing guests included Associate Professor Wu Huali of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhang Ying, Marketing Manager of Huaxi Biotechnology, Tang Lixin, Technical Development Consultant of Utima LAB Research Institute, and Zhang Cong, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Manager of Bayer.
In addition to TMO Group's keynote, the conference also included topics such as scientific evaluation methods in the development process of whitening raw materials, ideas for the development of comprehensive foods for women's health and nutrition, and the role of probiotics in women's health and skin beauty and related clinical demonstrations. Participants gained valuable insights in their respective areas of concern.

TMO Group shares insights on Southeast Asia's Oral Beauty eCommerce Market

Catherine's speech was dominated by e-commerce data analysis, showing the oral beauty market in Southeast Asian eCommerce, including market growth trends of various countries, high-growth tracks and price analysis, and best-selling brands and products in six Southeast Asia countries.

TMO's data analysis also focused on popular collagen supplements, whitening supplements, and antioxidant supplements, showing market size, popular effects, and the top 5 best-selling products. Finally, based on the insights, TMO Group summarized market trends and brand overseas suggestions for the brands present:

  • In terms of countries, the market demand for oral beauty and health products in the Philippines and Thailand is strong.
  • In terms of categories, the collagen supplement market is large in scale and growing rapidly, and it is worth planning.
  • Emerging brands in the oral beauty category of Southeast Asian eCommerce are rising rapidly, and there are abundant opportunities!

TMO has been deeply involved in the Southeast Asian eCommerce market for a long time and analyzed Southeast Asian online sales data. The speech was based on the recent sales data of the popular marketplaces Shopee & Lazada collected by the TMO eCommerce Data Research team, showing the audience the strong potential of Southeast Asia as a destination for cross-border eCommerce brands exploring overseas markets.

Participants gained valuable insights into their respective areas of focus

Growing your Beauty eCommerce Operation with TMO

TMO has been monitoring the Southeast Asian eCommerce market for a long time, as well as providing services from expert consultation and strategy definition to eCommerce development and marketing strategies for cross-border eCommerce, TMO Group has over 10 years of experience providing tailored Health & Beauty eCommerce Solutions to Global customers targeting the biggest markets in Asia.

If you want to explore how to optimize your online presence, please feel free contact us to discuss your project.

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