Welcome to WeChat: 3 brands' latest WeChat eCommerce Strategy in China

TMO GroupFebruary 26, 2016
Welcome to WeChat: 3 brands' latest WeChat eCommerce Strategy in China

With 10 million official accounts, WeChat is serving its users as a browser for 10 million apps covering their daily lives. As mentioned previously, WeChat service accounts enable businesses to engage with followers by pushing notifications (e.g. sending news or promotions) and offer paid services through their WeChat official accounts. Powered with service account and WeChat Pay, WeChat eCommerce has become the new trend in China.

Today we will show you three well-known companies’ WeChat eCommerce strategy: Microsoft, COFCO and Changan-Mazda. By analyzing different WeChat eCommerce strategy in different aspects, we hope that you will know better about how to set up and promote your own WeChat store.



Microsoft opened its WeChat store on Feb. 2nd, 2016, as its very first official social & eCommerce platform in China. Every follower can get coupons to use in Microsoft WeChat store. During the opening day, Microsoft has launched big promotion campaign for selling its most popular products (Xbox one and Surface Pro 3) in a low price.


Take a look at Microsoft’s WeChat service account: you can easily find the main entrance to its WeChat store. Or you can visit its WeChat store by different products.


Here’s how Microsoft WeChat store looks like. Most of the popular items can be found, and Microsoft offers special WeChat user discounts. Last but not least, WeChat Pay is fully supported.




State-owned China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp (COFCO) recently launched an onlinestore on WeChat to tap into the booming mobile shopping market in China. According to a public account called COFCO Healthy Life on WeChat, the online store mainly sells dietary supplement and healthcare products.


The WeChat-based online store is COFCO's latest move in riding China's rapidly growing online food sector. WeChat user can easily find linkage to COFCO's WeChat store via its WeChat service account. There is also an "1 RMB Everything" section which sells product in really low price and promote WeChat channel.


Inside COFCO's WeChat store, you can shop from rice to tea leaves to noodles. The payment function is easy to use to, WeChat Pay is also supported.




If you are looking forward to getting a new car model, you probably need to stop by one of those 4S car dealerships and drop some down payment before the new model hit the market. Nowadays, Changan-Mazda will save you a ride with WeChat.

Changan-Mazda is an automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Chongqing, China and a joint venture between Chang'an Automobile Group, and Mazda. Later in 2015, Changan-Mazda has launched its own WeChat Store.


As shown above, Changan-Mazda's WeChat store mainly provide users with two major functions: pre-order down payments, and official car accessories (insurance, car lubricants, etc.). Also, there are different car colors and car models for customers to choose from.


Nowadays, more and more automobile companies are developing their sales channels on WeChat. Purchasing a car via WeChat? Still seems uncanny for now, but a guy can dream.


WeChat has already become the most popular social media platform among different generations in China. There is no doubt that WeChat has great potential in helping engage with your Chinese customers. If your business is aiming at WeChat eCommerce as major part of your omni-channel strategy, Contact TMO Group now.


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